Monday, December 28, 2009


Sometimes when your husband yells that he needs help right away, he really doesn't. He and the girls were downstairs and I thought that someone had gotten hurt, but no. He wanted me to take a picture of him right after he had lifted weights and Mimi wasn't getting any good shots. I had told him that if he ever made me take pictures of him, I would post them. I will not put you through that. Sometimes an emergency is not an emergency.

Friday, December 18, 2009

1st Haircut

I trimmed Lulu's bangs, so I guess it really isn't a haircut. It took about 5 tries, and it isn't perfect, but her bangs are no longer in her eyes. She looks a little older to me. My baby is growing up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009 (picture added later)

Joy to the World
The Heath Walker Family Letter 2009

Lulu--Finds joy in some of the simplest of things. She has discovered dress up and pretend play. Most mornings she wakes up meowing. She is learning that she can‘t live on milk alone. Her favorite food seems to be chicken nuggets. She loves her Mickey and her blankets at bed time. She finally has started sleeping through the night more than not (this week). She will be 2 in a few days. She is her own person and a daredevil. Lulu is an actress and knows that her sad face will melt our hearts. She is a ton of fun at 38lbs.

Mimi--She is a bookaholic. She read 10 chapter books in less than a week and asked for more. Her teacher says she is a wonderful student. She eats more than everyone in the house. She thinks there should be a 1:1 food-treat ratio. She is the best big sister. She asked for certain toys for Christmas so she could play with them with her little sister. Mimi likes to draw and paint and do lots of art projects. She had a lot of joy going to the movies with mom. She wants to be an art teacher when she grows up.

Mary--I had planned on becoming a “real” runner this year, but injury ruined my plans. Instead, I found joy visiting family. Made some new friends. Mr. and I went on our first solo overnight since Lulu was born--Pearl Jam in Seattle. Then we hit IKEA. We decided we should do something like that a few times a year. I turned 30 and had a sleepover with my sisters at mom’s house. Went on a few baking rampages--don’t believe all of the best ever recipes. Want to take on a Man v. Food challenge.

Mr. --Most of his dreams were fulfilled this year. He was able to wakeboard on the weekends this summer and go to the gym during the cold months. He loved the PJ concert. Farmed timothy. Is now the ward mission leader. Had 3 lbs of crab legs for B-day. Went to Japan. Worked hard. Stayed with the girls overnight. He got a new truck in October and said, “A son is born, and his name is Tundra.” Is responsible for most of the fun times we have. Can’t believe he is so lucky.

We are thankful for the joy we have experienced as a family this year. As Christmas nears, we are grateful for the Savior and all that He has done for us. We know that all good things in our lives are blessings from our Heavenly Father. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

The Walkers

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I want a TV in my room

It's true that Mimi has not told us anything she wants for Christmas this year, but I didn't expect her to tell Santa she wanted a TV. I am sure he won't be bringing her one. She said if she doesn't get her own TV maybe she would take the one out of the toy room. The one in the toy room is almost 10 years old, we bought it on our way home from our honeymoon--I think. It will be staying there until she is big enough to carry it up to her room by herself, which means never.

Lulu kept yelling, "Santa, Santa." We didn't practice what to say, but I whispered to Santa that she wants a kitty. I am pretty sure she won't be getting a kitty from Santa, but a girl can dream. She took her treats and danced around. She didn't even care about her cinnamon roll after she spied Santa. My memory of Mimi at her 2nd Christmas is that she would say "Duntda" for Santa (she was 18 mos.).

A little girl followed Santa to the room where he changed after the party. She yelled out, "Scott Haws is Santa. Look, Scott Haws is Santa." I think she is almost 5. It was really funny.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How does Santa do it at your house?

Christmas 2005

We have not had a consistent Santa through the years. Sometimes he wraps the presents he gives and sometimes he doesn't. He always fills the stockings. He always eats the treats we leave. I am just curious as to what Santa does at other homes. Please share how Santa does it at your house.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Good Day

Sometimes, all it takes to make a day a little brighter is a new pair of underwear.

Yesterday, I ruined a batch of rice krispie treats and made the greatest chocolate cake that tasted okay until I added the best ever frosting and it ended up in the trash.

Today, I ran 3.5 miles and lifted weights. I will make rice krispies and win this time. I tried to do the microwave route, but forgot that mine runs hot and takes less time--therefore, burnt marshmallows. I was planning on making treats to take around this week, but now I might just give an ornament or something. I did, however, make a yummy batch of chicken and dumplings--my one triumph of the day.

Maybe I'll wear new underwear tomorrow too.
****The picture is from almost 2 years ago. Time sure flies.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

30 year-old sleepover

My mom hosted a sleepover party for my birthday this weekend. My 2 sisters and my mom and dad treated me to my choice of dinner, breakfast, and lunch. We played 2 rounds of Scrabble and ate a yummy carrot cake. My sister said I had to stay up until midnight, so I did. I probably should have gone to sleep earlier, at least I got to sleep in.

We had some good discussions and we each got a father's blessing. It was so fun to spend time and actually get to hear each other talk and learn what each other's concerns are. When I got home, the house was picked up and that was great. Luckily, Lulu slept all night for her dad. Mr. and I went to the temple and my sister took care of the kids. I had a good birthday.

I have no profound thoughts on being 30. It just means that my parents are getting older.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When all else fails, ADD MORE

These are my latest "art" projects. They are just canvases wrapped in wrapping paper and I added some stuff to them. I have had these canvases for a while and I am not sure what I am going to do with them after Christmas, but I can unwrap them and they will be as good as new. I think more is better when it comes to Christmas stuff. We put more decorations on the tree and it still doesn't seem like there are enough. It is finally December and I know Christmas will come fast. I just have some gifts to wrap and the rest of the time will be spent reading stories, watching shows, singing, making treats, playing games, and more fun.

Princess Lulu. She loves her dresses these days. Mimi had a fancy Christmas dress on for church last Sunday and she wanted to wear a princess dress to church too. We compromised and slipped a skirt (the veil on her head), under her dress and let it peek out a few inches so she would feel dressed up. Luckily it matched her dress and it really didn't stand out.

These dresses were Mimi's when she was 4 years old. They were tight on her when she got them, but they are snug on our less than 2 year old Lulu. She is grande for sure. Mimi was able to fit into the largest dress and they danced around our room. These sisters love each other. It is fun to watch. They are sweet and funny and wild. Lulu loves her Mimi.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Morning

I slept about 4 hours last night and got up early this morning for a little Black Friday shopping. Really, I started yesterday online and at Walgreens. Today, I only went to 3 stores. I didn't want to stand in line at Target, so I didn't buy anything. I was hoping to get a $500 gift card at Sports Authority. Instead, I got $10 off and a pair of shoes for myself and workboots for Mr. His boots were $10 after all the discounts. Hopefully they will last at least 6 months.

There was a lady in line at another store that was telling everyone she was in line for the Cricut and that she needed to get it because her daughter really wanted one that was extra fancy. I saw the Cricuts, but there were only 2 of them. I thought about buying one and trying to sell it on Craigslist. That wouldn't have been very nice. The lady that let everyone know she wanted one, didn't get it. I think she was 9th in line. Her chances really weren't very good. She threw a little fit and stomped out.

The ads were a disappointing this year. The only thing I was really excited about were my running shoes. This, however, will not stop me from going back out tonight.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Cry!!!

Lulu has started saying, "I cry," when she is sad or has an owie. She is not always crying at the time.
Last night, rather, this morning, she woke up and whined,
"I cry. Pee pee, potty, I cry." I went in her room and told her I would change her diaper.
And she said, "No, I cry, pee pee, potty, no diaper."
So, I brought her little potty into her room and put her on it.
"No, potty in there." (pointing to the bathroom)
We took the potty and her little bum to the bathroom and she sat for a moment and then she was all done.
Well, she didn't do anything. So I put her diaper back on and she started to cry. I took the diaper off and told her that if she needed to go, she should sit on the potty.
We talked for a few minutes and then she wet on the carpet.
I told her she did a good job, but next time use the potty.
She did not get a candy.
On went the diaper, Mr. got her a towel to dry up her mess and then she was awake. We watched 10 minutes of Mickey and she went back to bed.

Mimi didn't ask to use the potty until she was almost 3. I took her often, but she never asked. My MIL said one of hers was trained before 2 years, I can't imagine that. We will have to get her a big girl bed so she can get up and go. Does that mean she is not a baby anymore?


I am not sure if I ever make any real sense when I teach a lesson. As soon as I cry, my mind goes out the window. I look at my notes/script and I can't find my place. I get so stressed out, my pits get sweaty and my heart races. I am one of the youngest in RS too, so that is a little intimidating.

Beyond all that, I am so grateful that I had the chance to teach. I needed that lesson and a new perspective. The thought that hit me hard was the idea of Waking Up and using-- DAILY, the safety equipment Heavenly Father has given us to save our souls--prayer, scriptures, testimony, FHE, the Holy Ghost.

After an awful, sleepless night, I didn't want to wake up, but I needed to. I laid in bed for a while and it was like a voice shouted "Wake up!" A few minutes later while I was reading my scriptures, I had a thought peacefully come to my mind..."and go home." If we wake up our souls and pray, read scriptures, share our testimony and serve others we will be doing what we need to do to go home to our Heavenly Father. So, that is what I learned--WAKE UP AND GO HOME!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Shut it Down

Em and I shut down the mall and target last night. We were literally the last people to get out of both stores. The mall custodian escorted us out a secret passage. Then we cut back through the movie theater area and navigated the winding New Moon line out the door to arrive safely at her car.

We got to Target at about 9:50. For some reason I thought they would be open later, but they closed at 10. I grabbed a coat for me and some shirts for Lulu. Sandra, the cashier, said they will stay open later after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I was in line with my stuff and the lady in front of me was buying gift baskety things with cash. She took out her wad and started counting. She was a little short and started taking things out of her bags. I looked at her and smiled. She was a little embarrassed, I think. I asked her how much she needed.

She said, "It's okay." I smiled and took out my money and said, "Let me do this for you. I am supposed to do one nice thing a day and this is my chance." She handed her $ to the cashier and she was $5 short. I gave her the money I had and she smiled. She told me that her boyfriend was in the car and she could pay me back. I let her know that she was helping me by letting me help her and she said, "I'll be sure to pass it on."

What a nice way to end the evening. I got to spend time with my sis, buy some things for myself, and help a stranger. Now I have to get to my RS lesson.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Off to shop

My sisters and I have begun babysitting for each other during the day so we can all get our errands done without kids. This is the inaugural week. Today, I am going to scan for Christmas gifts and see where I want to go on Black Friday. The best part is doing it without my wild and crazy 2 year old. Thank heavens for sisters.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lulu Replies

Lulu's favorite response to yes or no questions these days is "Yep!"

Do you want some food?
Do you need a new diaper?
Are you happy?
Are you tired?

The last one usually gets a "NO WAY!!!"

Tonight I was upstairs looking for the lint screen to the dryer. I yelled down to Lulu to ask if she knew where it was and she yelled back, "WHAT?"

I have never heard her use that except for when she says "What's that?"

For some reason, it really made me laugh. From 2 year old to teen in an instant.

Princess, glam, grandma tree

So my cool, funky tree morphed into an untouchable grandma tree according to mister and a princess according to me. Mimi loves it. We have more to add, but this is what it looks like so far.

The computer died. Merry Christmas to us---a new computer. Just what I never wanted. Is it a need these days, or just a want?

Lulu has learned to climb up on the counters. She is no longer safe on her own when I shower. I have to keep her in my room and out of the bathroom.

Mimi's teacher said she wished she had a class full of Mimi's. That's a nice compliment. She is a good helper and learner. She tries so hard to be the best and sometimes she is disappointed. She is a great reader and loves art and computers. She writes elaborate stories. We love our Mimi.

Lulu is going to be 2. And I am going to be 30 soon. I will finally get a new license picture this year. That will be nice. I hope to have a sleepover at my mom's for my birthday. My original plan of going to disneyland is not going to happen. We still haven't gotten Lulu's ear bill and we had to get a computer. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

We have our new stockings cut. Now we need to sew them up. They don't match the tree. I was going to do that, but I figured they could last longer if they were more traditional colors. I am sure I will want traditional next year.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

For Twilight lovers/haters

My brother made a short video that is Oscar worthy. Check out

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Funky Christmas?

This is my husband is gone and I can buy whatever I want purchase. The dollar store has some fun Christmas decor and I decided to buy stuff for a fun tree. Mimi liked it and I am tempted to get out the tree and put it all together before he gets home. Excited. Half-way done with Christmas shopping. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Lulu slept all night. This is gonna be a good day.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jury Duty

I am in the midst of a 2 week jury duty. I have called in 2x and had to attend once. I was juror #16 and got put in the box for a while, but I was released. The case would have lasted until Thanksgiving at least, so it is kind of nice that I got kicked off the jury. It was all interesting for me because it was my 1st time ever. An unnamed cousin got put on the jury. She said it would be a vacation of sorts for her.

They asked questions that I thought were not particularly good at weeding out people and it seemed like it was going to drag on forever, but then they started the back and forth of choosing the jury. I must admit I was a little disappointed when I got let go. However, a few hours later when a migraine set in and I started dry-heaving, I got over the disappointment pretty quickly.
And last night, Lulu had a fever and didn't sleep well. I guess she never sleeps well, but she had a reason this time. Now I have to decide if I need to take her to the doctor or not.

I have 2 more call-ins left on my duty. My sisters have volunteered to be on-call. The best part is I got the mail yesterday and guess what was in there??? Mr.'s summons for jury duty. Service to start Dec. 28, 2009. Won't he be excited when he gets home!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Plus

This is a shot of Lulu and her cousin. I just thought it was cute.

We all went to see Disney on Ice in the morning and had a good time. Lulu kept asking for Mickey, but he only came out a few minutes at a time. She liked Tinkerbell too. Mimi didn't know where we were going, so she enjoyed the surprise and thought it was "Awesome." The show was way better than Silverwood on Ice. I'm sure their budget is a lot larger too.

The angel and the princess loved trick or treating. They got to go with some cousins and Gpa and Gma S. When Lulu got tired, Gpa carried her between houses. She sure loves him. I wasn't sure if she would put on a costume when the time came. I had tried all week to get her to wear one. Mr. got her dressed and she didn't fight him. She got a kazoo at a house and played it for about 10 minutes as she walked around the neighborhood. She was so fun to watch. She walked up to the doors and said "Here!" putting her bucket out when they opened the door. A few times I heard "trick eat" and several times she said "thank you."
Mr. manned the door and we ran out of candy before 8pm. It was an easy night, little stress and lots of fun. I couldn't have done it without my parents. Lulu is more than a handful.
I made Eyeball Taco Soup for dinner. It just had pearl onions for eyeballs--nothing gross.
That is about the extent of my creative halloweening. My very crafty SIL made costumes for her family. They were a tooth, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. You can use that idea if you want Gina.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Party!

That is all I could get Lulu to say when Mr. came home. She really said it with gusto-- jumping and arm thrusts involved.

The present this year was a fancy seafood steampot dinner--corn, potatoes, shrimp, crab legs, clams. He thought it was heavenly. We also had some rootbeer courtesy of Mr's sister. We were supposed to throw the food out onto the wrapping paper, but he thought that was too messy.

I was going to do brownies and ice cream instead of cake, but I went to Costco and saw the All-American chocolate cake. We have almost the whole cake left. Visitors are welcome.

Notice the Pearl Jam concert souvenir shirt. That was birthday too.

Mr. is a hard worker. He is silly, which you would never guess--except for my photographic evidence. When he is determined to do something, he does it. He loves his family and wants to make them proud. Happy Birthday!

The cake will go to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Putting my foot down

Going to the pumpkin patch is a treat. This year, there was a chore attached to this treat. It has not been fulfilled and now we are not going. Is that mean? We will get pumpkins to carve, but we will not do the extra fun stuff.

Tomorrow is Mr.'s birthday and he isn't supposed to get anything because of the new truck. What do I do? Make a nice dinner, buy a gift, make a card?

I'm looking for a good donut recipe. I made cookies from an online recipe with a 5-star rating and they were really a 2-3 star. I need a recommendation from someone I know.

I ran yesteday for a bit and it felt good. Now, my foot hurts. Time for a bath.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm in charge for the next 5 years

That is what Mr. told me this weekend after he signed his life away, buying a new truck. We have been married for 9.5 years and we have never had a new car and actually said we would never buy a new car, never say never. He has not stopped smiling and I hope he keeps that up as the holidays pass and there are no presents with his name on it. It's a 2010 Toyota Tundra TRD Rock Warrior. I think the "Rock Warrior" title was too tough to pass up.

We spent all day at the dealer, 4 hours, and ended up taking them to the cleaners, or maybe it was the other way around. IF you would like to check it out, come on down and he'll give you a ride.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

missionary moment

My sister is a great missionary and she doesn't know it. It is surprising how often she walks up to strangers and invites them to her house. I never do that. She is so nice and friendly. I am usually quiet and keep to myself.

Today, while at walmart, I noticed a lady checking out the rice milk. About a month ago, I bought a case of it at Costco, hoping to trick Lulu into drinking that instead of cow's milk. It didn't work. So this milk has been sitting in my pantry ever since. I asked this lady if she wanted my milk and she looked at me a little funny and said maybe. I gave her my number and told her she would be doing me a service by taking it for her baby. I really didn't know if she would come or not.

A few minutes ago, she called and showed up at my door. She came to the door with a paper in her hand. I had hoped that she wouldn't try to pay me, but I thought maybe it was a check. It was a pass-along card from a baptist church. She just said she wanted to thank me and invite me to church if I didn't have a church already. I told her that I go to the Mormon church down the street. Immediately, I wondered if I had any cards downstairs. They are upstairs. So, I just said thanks and have a nice day to her.

Not really a missionary moment, but a moment of kindness to a neighbor that I didn't know. Maybe this will give me more courage to step out of my comfort zone and reach out to more strangers who could use a little friendship.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Rush

I told my neighbor I would make them pumpkin bars. They are getting 4 and I am getting the rest, a 10 X 15 pan. Yum! I'll have to share some with my sisters too.

Mr. said, "Why did you make such a big pan? They taste so good."

Well, that was the recipe and I am trying to fatten him up for the winter. He ate 1 or 2 and a protein shake. Then he had bacon and eggs for dinner. He is the only one I know who can eat whatever he wants and maintain his figure.

After doing 3 days of the diet part of that book, I had to stop. I was supposed to eat 143 grams of protein and it was almost impossible and made me feel gross. I have been doing the weightlifting and it is making me stronger, but it is also packing on the pounds. 8 lbs in 5 days. What? That is not possible, you say? Tell my scale. Luckily, I am only up 3 lbs now. I've got to do more cardio I guess.

Surely, pumpkin bars will help.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The surgery

Everything went well. I was only away from her for maybe 25 minutes--surgery to wake up. She wasn't herself for an hour after she woke up. Mr couldn't force her into her car seat. She arched her back and we couldn't push her down to buckle her in. It was amazing.

We laid on the couch for a few hours and if I moved my arms, she placed them back around her so I could hug her while she rested. We took a nap around 1 pm and she ate dinner. Before dinner, she only wanted milk or pediasure.

She slept from 8:30-5:00 and 5:04 to 8:30. She hasn't cried today or grabbed her ears. I tried to upload a video of her sauced, but it didn't finish before my battery died. I'll try again. She is just spaced out, but it's funny.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not much to do

When it's 3:30 in the morning and your child is not allowed to eat or drink anything, it can feel really early. 3 more hours before we go in for surgery. We flipped on "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" to distract her. Chances are she will not go back to sleep. Last night was Lulu night so we tried extra hard to say nice things to her and let her watch extra shows. I'm sure she didn't notice our kindness, but I sure noticed her cuteness. She is a peach.

I'll come back with pictures and an update later today. Goodnight?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I bought a book

Not sleeping has been driving me crazy and I finally bought a sleeping book. It's called "The Sleepeasy Solution." Last night was the first attempt. She went down at 8:17 and cried until 8:43 and then she threw up. We had a crazy clean-up for 20 minutes and then put her back to bed. I gave her water in a sippy to calm her. She slept until 1:05 and I changed her diaper. She slept again, until 6:22 cried for a minute and slept again until 8:00. So, she was mad that she didn't get her milk, but she did a good job--except for the vomit. The book says it takes 5 days to set the routine. Well, she has surgery on Thursday, so it might not stick, but now I know what to do and how to do it.

I also bought "Making the Cut," by Jillian Michaels. I don't really care if I lose a lot of weight, I just want to be tone. Her workouts give me more weight lifting ideas and hopefully I will get some definition. I can't really run yet and her cardio is mainly 1 minute sprints. Her sprint speed in 7 on the treadmill--I should be able to handle that. I am excited to get going. 30 days workout and diet plan. I am supposed to take a before and after picture, but that might not happen. I did take measurements. Mr. said he would try with me, but I think that means not eating dessert and running once a week.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The HEATER turned on last night

I love having to snuggle up in the blankets as the weather gets colder. Pumpkin bars, hot chocolate, sweaters, sweatpants.

Lulu's surgery is next Thursday. We hope it helps her hearing loss and she is able to improve her speech. Mr. says she will talk non-stop when she can really hear what's going on and then she will start talking back. Catch 22. We love Lulu's humor with or without perfect speech. She is one funny girl. She pretends she is asleep when I tell her it is time to change her diapers. She rubs her nose and yells "Booger." Funny to me, not to others. She is super silly in the car. Her dancing skills are amazing and she has this pouty lip move and shake that lets you know she is cool. I'm gonna have to take a video.

The girls and I cranked the I-pod last night and raced around the downstairs grooving to the music. Mimi said, "I love you, mom. You are a fun dancer. Not a good dancer, because you have to make Lulu laugh." I will admit I have no dance background and no natural talent. Humility. So the girls must get their skills from their father. I'll have to set up a hidden camera to get that shot.

We sold a few things on Craigslist this week. In less than 24 hours, we had $120 cash in our hands. Mr. was excited and I can't stop checking the email to see if anyone else is interested in our stuff.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The purchases

2 -- 30 x 30 cabinets for over the washer and dryer
4 X 4 cubby cube (wish I got the 5 X 5)

Was planning on putting this vertically in the corner, but love it in the entry

Oval coffee table and corner 5X1 cube bookcase

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Concert and IKEA

While all the girls are going to Wicked, Mr. and I went to see Pearl Jam. They were amazing. Sometimes live shows don't live up to your expectations, but they did not disappoint. They played 5 or 6 new songs and tons of old stuff that everyone sang to. We stood almost the whole show--clapping, singing, dancing. Okay, not so much dancing.

We got to people watch. I thought there would be a lot of crazies at the concert, but most of them were nicely dressed 25 -40 year olds. There were a few 55-65 y.o. that were grooving more than the others around them. The ticket said no cameras, so we didn't bring one. Of course, everyone else did. So, no pics. Mr. got a shirt and I got a bottle of water. It started at 7:30 and ended at 11 pm. I must admit that I yawned a few times. When 10:00 hit, I knew it was bedtime. I would go see them again.

We went to the outlet mall at North Bend on the way to Seattle and bought nothing. That's a good thing because IKEA took us for all we were worth. It was fun for the first hour and a half and then we were both tired and hungry, but we pressed on. We went to IKEA in San Jose 4 years ago and didn't buy anything.

When we got home, I put together 1 bookshelf and then Mr. came and helped. We have 3 things left to put together. I am excited about the purchases. I am starting a list for the next time we go. Hopefully I can get a side job to support this habit.

My sister took care of the girls and they seemed to have a great time. Lulu, the non-sleeper, slept pretty well and K said she would do it again. It was fun to do stuff just the 2 of us and know that the girls were having fun too. This was probably only the 2nd time we had gotten away just the two of us. I highly recommend it.

P.S. Don't mind the Wicked intro., I would go to that too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A day away

In a few days, Mr. and I will take off on an overnight adventure to the big city. He is excited about going to a concert and I am excited about going to IKEA. I am sure there are better places to go in Seattle, but I am looking for cheap. Any IKEA tips, must haves, etc. would be appreciated.

Today we go to the specialist to see if Lulu qualifies for ear tubes. 7 ear infections in less than 9 months. She better qualify.

Post Dr. visit

She qualified for sure and actually has another ear infection. Awesome. More drugs, but hopefully she will get better in the next 2 weeks, have her pre-op, and then get the tubes put in. The PA was really nice, he played peek-a-boo with Lulu and she laughed. She did keep saying that she wanted to go to the car, but she didn't cry. Then we went to the outlet bakery and they gave her a Twinkie. Twinkies are nasty. She ate half and then I took a bite and threw it away. BLAH!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paintings du jour

I've been watching HGTV hoping to get some inspiration for home decor. My house is not decorated at all. We have blank walls almost everywhere and we were finally fed up with it. Our home is more like a rental. I have painted a few walls, but there is very little hanging on those walls. Mr. gave me the green light to decorate. In fact he said something like, "This place is so boring. You need to decorate." Well, I went to Craft Warehouse, TJ Maxx, and Michael's and got a few things, including canvases.

Sometimes I see artwork and think, "I could do that." SO these are my artwork attempts. I really like the 2nd one better than the 1st, but I like them both. Neither were hard and in fact, they only took about an hour. I'm not sure where either will hang, but at least I'll have something on the wall.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What my husband thinks of this blog

Sometimes he is surprised and sometimes he is ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We'll see how he feels about this post.

Lessons from big sister

Lulu v. Donut

These are some of the many important life skills that Mimi has taught Lulu.

2nd Grade

Amy got ready for school and asked if she could wear a necklace. When she put it on, she said with a smile, "I feel pretty." That was so sweet to see and I almost cried. She was so cute and is getting so big. This year might actually be tougher than her previous 2 years. She is loving art and PE and is not so fond of math. Last night, we played Yahtzee together to sneak in a math game. Half way through, she said, "Hey, this is like a math game." She caught me, but she didn't care. She had fun and wants to do it again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleeping with my eyes open

It really doesn't make sense, and it shouldn't. Little Lulu has another ear infection and I am sleeping with her in my bed most of the night. The problem is she is not sleeping. She is screaming and watching movies. I try to sleep with the sheet over my head. I rest, but I don't sleep. Argh!!! Three nights in a row. Less than 3 hours of sleep each night. Last night, she woke up at 11:30 pm, went back to sleep at 4:45 am, and up for good at 6 am.

It would be generous of me to say that she has slept through the night 2x a month since she was born. Very generous. I am taking her to the ENT and hoping that she will have a good answer. If not, we are going to get some allergy testing done. I don't know how she can be as happy as she is when she doesn't sleep. She does have a nasty streak that comes out when she is exhausted. Today is the third day on meds, she should start feeling better.

She has been one ball of sick this whole year. That explains why I groan, "Fine," when you ask me how I am. I am one ball of tired.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Last Hurrah

With one day of freedom before school starting, we set out to have a fun family night. Our first stop was the mini golf course. Lulu had her own ball and placed it in the cup on most holes. She liked the water slide and sent her ball for several rides as we finished the hole. She also threw her ball into the lake, thinking that it would get shot back to her just like the slide. We let her throw her balls down the tubes so we'd know which one to aim for. Mimi had her best game so far. She is getting more patient and trying to aim instead of just hitting it. She wanted to play another game. I won by 3 strokes...I think I won last time too. Mr. was a little miffed. He kept score and somehow forgot to score 3 holes so he gave us each 2 strokes. Hmmm. I wonder what the real score was.

After golf, we went to dinner. It was not good. Little taco shop off of Kennewick Ave. Sorry lady. It was not good. Should have gone to the Taco Bell next door.

My prize for winning was a stop at Baskin Robbins. Girls got bubble gum ice cream. I got outrageous Oreo--not recommended. I finished my scoop before Mr. got his "most expensive thing on the menu" shake. He likes to eat that way wherever we are. I go dollar menu and he tries top on the line. Balance.

Last stop on our trip was feeding the ducks. Mr. had never been with us before. I brought a whole loaf of freezer burned bread. Mr. wanted it to not take to long, so I tossed big chunks and then he was chastising me for throwing too large of pieces. I can't win. He had more fun than the girls, I think. Of course, he would never admit that.

We had a lovely evening. Mini golf is fun for everyone. Ice cream is good. Ducks are always hungry.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Like My Hat

This is a lovely shot of the girls crawling on me before bedtime.
They are my girls even if we look nothing alike.

Lulu's hat was created by Mimi--silver sequins, pink ribbon, and hot pink pom poms

She loves her hat

Gickey and gilk

Translate via the mind of a 20 month old.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

When Ducks Attack

My friend and I took our kids to the park to play and feed the ducks. We went to the ducks first and it was a sight. They had not been fed yet this morning and they were all very hungry. The last time we went, it was in the late afternoon and they had obviously been fed all day long because they hardly paid any attention to us. Today they all swarmed once they saw the bread. The kids fed a few pieces of bread and then hopped into the cars. Lulu and I fed them for 10 more minutes. She wasn't aware that they were closer than they should have been. She started chasing them too. It was funny. Those seagulls have some mad skills. They are the birds you have to watch out for.

We took the kids to the playground of dreams and the sprinkler park. To top off the day, we had a picnic with shaved ice for dessert. Reminds me of my days at the RV park in Moses Lake. Mimi is a good sport and a good sister. She takes care of Lulu and loves her as much as anyone could. Mimi was happy to finally get to play with a non-cousin friend. Cousins are great, but not the same in her mind. I was grateful to have a friend to play with too. It seems that I have shut myself out of the loop this summer. Maybe things will get back to normal once school starts.

I went to Costco last night and had a Sonic care toothbrush in my cart, but I put it back. Is it really worth getting one. I will have to ask my dentist friends.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While I was at my mom's house with the kids, my husband cleaned the entire house. You who know him, know that he does not do this. What got into him?

Could it be that he realized that the 6 cups on the counter were all his? Probably not. Who cares why. It happened.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Walking in the dark

My sister called me last night and we went for a walk in the dark around my neighborhood. Our half hour turned into 1.5 hours of walking and chatting, we didn't walk the whole time. Our chats haven't happened as often as they used to. This summer has been filled with activity and little down time without sickness. I love my sisters and their kind hearts. We are all weird and we get along well.

We went boating with the in-laws and had a good time. The boys did some form of tube wars that was hilarious to see. The kids ate cookies so the parents could have a good time too. The little girls chased each other around and around. They will have lots of fun together as they get older.

Grandpa and Grandma watched the grand kids so we could do sealings in the temple on Thursday. It was neat to be together doing something so special. We went to dinner after and laughed and ate and then ran home to save Grandpa. He was a great sitter. Lulu found some markers and colored all over herself. That is why we don't let her use markers at home. She hasn't colored the walls yet, but I am not going to risk it.

Mimi got her teacher for 2nd grade assigned. I am not a teacher requester, so I am not sure if she is a good one or not. I was told all of the 2nd grade teachers are good, but who knows. School starts on the 31st. I can't believe the summer went by so fast.

Mr. got a new calling. He is the ward mission leader. He said that makes me a ward missionary, but I haven't received that calling. I will play dumb until something official happens. A guy in the bishopric said it's the worst calling ever. Woo Hoo!

My brother had a baby--10 lbs 2 oz. She was large and I am sure it was shocking for the mother. We are going to visit today and check out the "newborn who looks like a 2 mo old." I hear she is cute and all is well. We mothers know how quickly "all is well" can change.

Another boring post. Sorry if you read this. My original title was "This might be true." The plan was to spin wild tales and throw in a smattering of truth. Things are about to change.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation without a camera

Lulu's dogs that like to go everywhere

Coolin Beach

The Cabin

I put the camera in the truck so I would always have it with me and guess what? I never took it out until we were packing up to go home. Yet another picture-less post. This is what happened, good and bad. I'll add pics later.

We went to Priest Lake for a week. The yearly family reunion on Mr.'s side hit it right as far as weather was concerned. He took his boat for the first time this year and was greeted with, "You have a boat?" Truth is, it is a used boat that did not cost an arm and a leg--it was bought with our tax return $. If you drive old cars, you can get an old boat. So, yes there is a boat at our house and he will take you for a ride if you ask.

The boat blew a hose and had to sit for 2 days. That was fun. Poor guy. Had to drive to Coeur D'Alene 2x for parts. Not any major damage, it just took time. I think he had fun anyway.

I actually went swimming in my new flashy swimsuit--rather than just tanning. It was fun to play with Lulu in the water. She was so happy. Mimi was with the big girls in the water and got to go tubing. She is getting so big.

Food is always trouble for me. No vegetables for days makes me feel ill, but this time it may have been the flu that was going around. I felt sick on Wed and was really sick Thurs/Fri. But it went away fast and we were off to Silverwood Friday afternoon. The rides at Silverwood stink, but the water park was fun for us. I think that I will not go back there unless someone else is paying.

We rented 8 movies during the week. We watched them in the evenings and it gave the girls some entertainment and us a break after being in the sun all day. I know, too many movies. I had no energy. It was kind of amazing. I never exercised or went on a walk. That means I was exhausted. It didn't help that Lulu didn't want to sleep the first few nights.

I was hoping that this year would be different and the vacation would feel like fun and not so much work. It was about 50/50, so that's pretty good. Love the time with family, but didn't get a lot of visiting in. Can't believe I missed the famous popcorn balls.

Back to life and laundry. Got to love post-vacation recovery.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Spell check

Alright blogging ladies, the word is definitely. Thanks.

I have made my share of typos, but this word is used in most blogs I read. I can forgive typos versus repeat spelling errors.


Sister Beus asked me to write on the board one time in Sunday School. She said she needed someone who could spell because it drove her nuts to have spelling errors on the chalkboard. I had just finished an accelerated Spanish class at BYU and I was to the point that I was dreaming in Spanish. I cringed with every word, certain that an error would come. I tried to pronounce them in my head and when she said "interior" I could not decide, "i or e." I went with the "I" and have been shamed ever since that dreadful day in Gospel Doctrine class. This however is not my true pet peeve. Let's just say leaving labeling stickers on your binders, totes, pitchers, coolers, and other such items after purchasing takes the cake. Be careful, I'm watching.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mimi and Lulu 17 months

I have been told that my girls look alike and here are the pictures to compare. The first is Mimi at 17 mo. Then Lulu at 17 mo. Finally we have Mimi at 28 mo. I guess Lulu won the hair war and may have long hair by the time she's 2.3 years. They are definitely sisters.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Do you ever...

...think about trying on your wedding dress just for fun? Today I decided to try on my dress and run in and show my girls. Mimi said, "What are you doing?" Lulu said, "Oooh!!!"

Then Mimi explained to Lulu that she gets to wear the dress first when she gets married and then Lulu can wear it a few years later. 9 years after I wore it, I would not choose that dress again. No tulle for sure!!! I liked it at the time, but there are so many more options these days and people are more willing to break from the norm. I like that. Anyway, I am sure Mimi will change her mind when she gets older.

I have been thinking that I need to add more pictures to this nonsense. However, this post will not be where I start that. Sorry.

P.S. The etching was really easy and it worked on most of the glass. The 30 year old pyrex didn't take, but the newer ones worked well.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Frozen waffles and sprinkler park

This morning at 9:30 am we went to the sprinkler park closest to our house. The water was frigid and the little ladies were not too excited to get wet. An hour later, the heat arrived and they dashed over, under, and through the lovely sprinklers. It is such a simple park, but it provided them with 2 hours of fun. We got a cheeseburger for Lulu and pintos and cheese for Mimi afterward. It was a nice morning which will hopefully translate into a nice evening with hard-sleeping kids.

Sometimes Lulu stands by the freezer drawer and says "Mere" or come here. Then she waits for me to open it up so she can pick a snack. Today, she chose the frozen waffles. I asked her if I could cook them and she said, "No Way!" So she sat on the floor in her diaper and ate a plain, frozen waffle. Delish.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Super Saturday

For some reason, I thought they asked people with given skills and talents to host S.S. classes. Well, it turns out that my reasoning is not correct. They asked me to teach a class on glass etching. Have I ever done it? No. Everything I know about it, I learned when I watched a Cricut infomercial at 2 in the morning. So, today will be the trial day and we will see what happens. First, I have to buy the supplies and choose a design. I think it will be easy, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

What we will do today.

Swim lessons
Primary party

I looked at the sign-up sheets and this class happens to be free. Guess which one had the most people attending? I better get good at this...and fast.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mimi the fish and other animal madness

Mimi is in swim lessons and would swim all day if she could. I am sure this not unusual, but for our little girl who would rather sit and read or watch a show or play on the computer, this is a great thing. She has had two years of lessons and is on level 4. She can swim the length of the pool down and back and tread water when she needs a break. She has so much fun swimming. Mimi finished reading a 4 book "Fudge" series and is moving on to her next set. I need to get her some magic treehouse books and see if she likes those.

Lulu is practicing her animal sounds and prefers to say them rather than the animal's names. She is learning a lot of new words and is starting to say "Please," and "Thank You," more often. She is a good example of being grateful and having good manners in our home.

At 19 months, she can do a lot of things and can follow some complex directions. She uses words and makes up her own signs to help us know what she wants. She is interested in washing her hands whenever she is in the bathroom. She loves to sing her own songs and dance to the music. She is a lovey girl and gives hugs to most people. She likes to watch anything with Mickey Mouse. She loves dogs and cats. She knows to pick the red tomatoes in the garden. She has discovered the sweetness of watermelon. Lulu is such a fun girl, with or without sleep, she keeps her sense of humor and makes us smile.

Mr. is boating and playing softball when he has some free time. He deserves the break and enjoys being active.

I ate my first non-liquid meal today. It didn't hurt at all, so I am on the mend. I got to go to church today too. We had dinner with some friends/cousins. I do love visiting with family and friends. I need to try again to get my house in order and germ free, so we can host more often. We have the space, so I need to do it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Magic Mouthwash"

The look you get from the pharmacy aid when you hand over a prescription for "magic mouthwash" is priceless. She wasn't sure what it meant so she had to call the doctor. Don't you wish you could swish "magic mouthwash"?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The kissing disease

Just a note to everyone who is smarter than I am. If you suspect that your child's sore throat is more than just a run of the mill illness, refrain from kissing, sharing your cup, sharing your dinner, or anything else for a few days.

I am so glad that Lulu is feeling better, but now I've got it and it is miserable. The doctor put me on antibiotics and vicodin. If I don't leave the house or get it cleaned this week, at least I have a reason. I thought the Dr. would tell me it was strep. White patches on the throat and crazy swollen glands and even swollen gums. He said strep is red spots. WebMD begs to differ and if you look up their strep slide show, that is exactly what my throat looks like.

Heath thinks he's getting it too. I told him to eat whatever he wants now because in a week or so he won't be able to eat anything. Yesterday I had a strawberry slush from Sonic and by the end of the the day it was only half gone. I hurt that badly. Today I had ramen noodles and yogurt and water. I am so tired and actually not hungry. Hopefully baby will sleep and I will be well by wednesday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mo' moment

Lulu has yet another ear infection. This time the Doc gave us some ear drops that were supposed to numb the pain. It was quite an ordeal getting her to "let" me put them in here ear. Okay, she didn't let me. I pinned her with my leg across her chest, holding her arms and body still. She screammed bloody murder and after the first ear was done, she rolled over and tapped her other ear and said,"Mo'."

She is back to her silly, wild self. She has 4 incisors coming in and her gums are very swollen, so I have to apply the same hold technique to swab orajel on her teeth. She has yet to ask for more of that stuff.

Mimi is at Grandma's again. Lulu keeps asking for her.

I went to the chiro. I feel better, but time will tell if I am fixed. I go back on monday and will exercise while I feel less pained.

I have been homebound for a week now. It is not bad, but I missed the sale at the mall I wanted to go to. I guess that means I saved some money. I have not been grocery shopping like normal. Instead, I have been on a mission to find something that Lulu will eat. Today it was potato rolls and natural cheetos. Really healthy, I know. She won't eat apple sauce or bananas, but she'll chomp a cheeto. Strange girl.

Be happy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures of the girls

Bits of inspiration

I have noticed lately that I have had ideas put it in my head and sometimes I do them and sometimes I don't. When I don't do them I realize later that if I had done the thing when the thought came, something good would have happened.

Today it happened again. I chose to vacuum. Then while I was vacumming, I noticed some spots on the carpet that have been there for 2 months. Instead of ignoring them, I went to the sink and got the spot treatment (Nylac). I found a little surprise under the sink--a FLOOD. The tap had leaked all over. It took one big towel and 2 hand towels to dry it up. What a mess. I had 3 packages of un-opened magic erasers that soaked up some of the water. So, had I not chosen to clean those spots, I never would have found the flood. And the spots came up without much effort. I fixed the faucet, I think, and the mess is taken care of. Hopefully the water wasn't sitting there long enough to cause any wood damage.

It is great that Heavenly Father cares about such little things and gives inspiration to help us out with tasks that are seemingly unimportant. I will have to listen to that little voice more often.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun

The pool has been filled 3x so far this month and I think it might actually be the last time. Our pool is a 12x36 circular pop-up type pool. Our patio space is not quite the perfect size for it, but it works. Lulu had fear at first, but by the end of the hour she was swimming with water wings. She is 18 months and she had it down--arms out and legs kicking with no help except for watching her sister. She was amazing. Lulu is way more physically skilled at this age than Mimi was. She is just a ball of energy and we love it. I love these sisters when they play hide and seek and giggle and scream. Some people may not like the noise, but it makes my heart smile.

I love my girls.

Oh! I got 3 gallons of milk for $0.50 today. And it wasn't expired. If you want some, head for albertson's and look for the General mills deal.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just DO it

So I have been injured for a while now and I am not back to running form. I have decided that moving is important even if I can't soak my shirt with sweat. Dancing with Lulu is fun movement for both of us. Mimi likes to run circles inside the house, I could speed walk and chase her. I can take the stairs several times a day in my home. I can mop the floor and pick the garden. I can fold laundry and actually put it all away. I can give the baby airplane rides.
I can do lots of things.

I can no longer easily curl 25 's with each arm, but I can still do 15's. I can pick up my baby and snuggle. I can use her weight to bench press. I can pour milk for my kids. I can wash my hair and dry it with ease. I can do lots of things.

I still can't do push-ups. I can do sit-ups and plank poses. I can do jumping jacks. I can lift my knees and arms. I can do lots of things.

We had a discussion on Sat with my father. I kind of started it all. But we ended up with being grateful, pray, have hope, and love unconditionally. It is good to recognize weaknesses. We need to work to improve them rather than dwell on the " I can't." I enjoy talks with my family. They always seem to become a mini-sermon that is needed, not just on Sunday.

Mimi is coming home today. Lulu keeps saying, "Mimi, w'are you?" She loves her Mimi.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Notice that there is no break. I had thought that we would lounge around the house for a few weeks, but that has not happened. We had kids to watch, kids to play, sprinklers to run through, pools to swim in, activities to attend, Father's day to prepare for, 2 families to visit, 6 cousins to play with, neighbors to walk with, neighbors to visit, bills to pay, books to read, and a few trips to the grocery store. I picked blueberries (abt 2 c.) out of our garden. Insert other everyday tasks. That was my week.

We did stay put most of the day on thursday, but that was so I could catch up on laundry and other things that needed to be done. Summer break it is and it is not. We only have a few things scheduled for the summer, but I am sure we will find a way to fill the time. Mimi is at Grandma's for a few days.

Today was kind of just like every other day, but it was Father's day. I tried to make the kids do things for their dad. Mimi picked a cake to be dad's present and she made him a poem. Lulu gave him a hug and a kiss. That was our festive father's day. We did do dinner with my family Saturday and his family today. I guess that counts.

Father's are special people. They add so much love to our homes. Daddy in our house is Lulu's favorite. She gets so excited when he comes home--imagine a fan fainting at the sight of their hero. We love our DADs.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, I have debating whether or not to talk about anything serious on this blog, but it is part of me and thoughts that have been racing through my mind for the last month or so.

We have a family friend who lost their baby after weeks of surgery and life support. She was only 48 days old and she was sedated most of those days. I had such sadness when I heard the news. I felt even more sadness as I read the mother's account of her loss. It made my body quake uncontrollably. I am sure these feelings are very similar to how my parents felt after their first baby died a few days after birth.

I have not experienced that loss personally, but I have felt so much love for me and for my friends from our Heavenly Father. I was told my baby was dead when I was about 7 months along. She was not dead, but I had to drive across town by myself praying that they would find a heartbeat. I have no doubt that Heavenly Father's plan is perfect for each of us. Our lives are not painless and our experiences are for our gain and can make us more compassionate. . All of our joys and sorrows and pain are known. We are not alone.

I am more grateful for my family, for my children, for my husband. I am truly blessed and I think I have a tendency to wish things were better rather than being happy with what I have. I have a baby who wakes up almost everynight. I am grateful for this because she used to wake up every night 3x or more. I am grateful that my husband has a job he likes. I am grateful to stay home with my kids. I can be a maid or I can be a mother. I need to choose to be a mother who also happens to clean the house.

So, this is a reminder for me to have a better attitude because life is good. There are more things to celebrate and be grateful for. Heath used to sign all of his mission letters, "Look on the bright side." I am not sure where he got that from, but that is a good motto for me.

Friday, June 5, 2009

6 girls in a tub

A tub of popcorn is more than enough to make 6 little girls thirsty. Water at $2.75 per bottle is a great deal when you see the smile on the Birthday Girl's face. "This was the best birthday ever!" The movie in 3-D was "awesome." My timing was a little of with the whole party deal, but I am almost sure the girls didn't mind. They have so much energy, I wish I could bottle that.

We ordered a keyboard for Mimi and it actually got here before her birthday. I loved the expression on her face. She was so thrilled. "This is what I always wanted."

We had cupcakes instead of cake and they were from Yoke's. I am sorry, but those cupcakes are good. I know they probably don't compare to specialty cupcakes, but grocery store--they are delish.

She was exhausted at the end of her big day, but this morning I caught her with her headphones on rocking out with her keyboard. Makes me smile.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lulu bites the dust

Little Lulu is at the stage where she falls all of the time. She climbs on things she shouldn't and eventually she falls. Last night she fell off a mattress onto the tile, (not too far) and today she tried to carry her stroller up the stairs and fell down 2 steps onto the tile. She has bumps and bruises in several locations. Mimi had a stage of running into tabletops and counters, Lulu is probably heading toward that one.

Mimi will turn 7 on Thursday. We are taking some girlfriends to the movies. Hopefully they will have a good time. There are several birthdays in her class in the next week. That means cupcakes and treats galore. I am not wanting to take any to school, but I am afraid that she'll be sad. What should I do? I really don't want to put to much effort into anything and treats have to be store-bought, so that is easy. I just don't think they need a treat everyday for the next 10 days.

I have been walking a little at night and going to the gym a couple times a week in the morning. Today, I actually pushed myself and I felt fine. My hand and arm--below the elbow--are hurting. I may have to stop using the computer to find coupons for a while. That is when I point and click the most. I don't think that caused my injury, but it irritates it for sure.

Mr Man has been working 12+ hour days. He is tired, but will play softball tonight. I am glad he has some fun things to do. I need to find more fun.

My favorite thing this week is watching Lulu dance, She is a shaker for sure. On sunday, she grabbed a barbie and held her hands tight while she spinned around. After a few rotations she got dizzy and staggered across the living room nearly falling down, but she caught herself. She kept doing it over and over again and laughing. She is super funny.

Nicknames for Lulu--googer, scooter boots, sooter, moomoo, HayHay, Halo, Hula, etc.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No one knows...

That I am blogging. Okay, my aunt knows, a few of my cousins, and some random people who like to read about white hairs. I finally broke down and told one of my sisters. My husband doesn't know. My brother does know and my mom found out via my aunt's blog. I guess if I want more readers, I'll have to tell people. I guess I haven't gotten to that point yet.

My mole was benign.

My good friend finally got into their house after some foreclosure purchase drama.

My Mimi lost another tooth.

My baby stayed awake from 2:35-6:15 the other morning. That was fun.

My other good friend sold her house and will be building her dream house all at the tender age of almost 30.

I went to the gym today and actually made it through my work out without feeling exhausted or in pain.

BBQ chicken for dinner, so I can use one of my many sauces in the pantry.

Bought myself some shirts. Now I have 5 going-out shirts. NICE.

Got Lulu some sandals and let her run around the vacant Payless for 20 minutes. The associate said, "Man, is she busy!" Yes, she is.

Lulu grabbed the most colorful and bejeweled pair of flip-flops and would not take them off for the longest time. She ran and they would fall off, but she put them back on and kept running. I am pretty sure Mimi still doesn't "hold on" to her flip-flops.

I cleaned the shower and tub.

I did the dishes.

I am downloading a movie from I-tunes.

Lulu has been off the bottle for 12 days.

She goes to Nursery in a month. Yay!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Albertson's escapades--Save a ton

I knew there were doubles in yesterday's paper, so I went to a coffee shop and bought 4 Tri-City Heralds. Then I took them to my sister to show her how to use her doublers. We went to the store together with 4 kids under 4 years old. That was crazy, but the savings was worth it.

I ended up spending $10.98

saving $67.00

We had so much fun, we took the loot home and went out again. This time we watched each other's kids so we could go faster and make sure we got everything we wanted. This time I had 3 sets of doublers.

Spent: $3.78


One receipt said $0.06!!!

1 pkg orbit gum

1 bottle bubbles

2 pkgs hot dogs

1 tube colgate

1 toothbrush

This coupon stuff is fun. There are a lot of deals out there. Yes, I have more than 10 boxes of cereal, 15 boxes misc crackers, 8 brownie mixes, 5 cake mixes, 30 chocolate candy bars for s'mores, 6 bottles of BBQ sauce, and lots of other storage type food. I had to get over the idea that stockpiling was bad. It was hard at first, now I just shop the deals and am grateful for all the savings.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

OH! What fun it is to...

Go to the dentist, get a mole removed, sleep fewer than 4 hours at night, sleep fewer than 2 hours in a row, have a baby with 5 ear infections in 5 months, get an X-ray, feel sick, have a daughter moaning all night, get a bad haircut, and staining your last "leaving the house" shirt.

The good thing is the x-ray was normal, the mole removal didn't hurt, I haven't thrown up even though I thought I would because my backpain was so great, the dentist really numbed me up good, I did sleep for 6 hours once this week, my daughter has stopped moaning, I might get to take a nap today, there is food in the fridge and the pantry, my kids don't have the chicken pox--yet, I actually exercised yesterday (20 min), I will get a break after my husband comes home from boating, I am not planning on making dinner tonight, tomorrow is Sunday.

The end.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Disneyland is found

It's a good thing, I found the picture hiding on my computer. Okay, not hiding, but not labeled clearly. Besides preserving memories, it will save me some money to pay for all of my current medical interventions. Blah.

Biopsy and X-ray

I have an appointment for my biopsy, but not the x-ray. I really don't want to know. Ignorance is bliss type of thing. I am sure I just fractured my tailbone or something, but I still don't want to be told--do nothing for 6 wks. That doesn't work in mommyland. The biopsy is on Thursday. Of course, I can imagine all types of bad things happening, but I don't feel worried. Whatever it is, I can't really do anything about it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A-Z Does It

Those teachers sure put in a lot of work to make this play happen. Relatives and friends were packed into the cafeteria like cattle and there were tons of first graders in their letter vests. It was a fun evening for all.

It was hard to wrestle a 16 month-old and keep her from running away, but it was great. This was the first performance Mimi had participated in and she was great. No better than anyone else, but she did her part and did it well. Who knew the alphabet song was such a catchy tune.

I really like the fact that her school has special projects and performances for each grade level. I don't ever remember having a community performance unless you were in choir or band. I think that exposure is good for the kids.

Both grandmas and one grandpa came. A cousin came for his birthday, Mimi said, "I can perform for him and that will be my present to him." Happy Birthday! We also had 2 aunts in attendance. Mimi had lots of support.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I did something bad and something good

Well, I thought I was being so good and uploading all of my pictures on the computer, but when I went to look for some Disneyland pictures to print, they weren't there. I also deleted them from the memory card because I thought they were on the computer. I checked to see if they were all there while I was uploading and I thought there were not as many as there should be, but I scrolled through and I don't know why I didn't see that they were missing, but they are gone. So the only disney pics I have are 2 on Heath's facebook. I am so sad. On the up side, that gives us a reason to go again.

Now for the good thing. I have not been to the doctor since I got married, except for when I was pregnant. Today I went and they want me to get an x-ray of my back and hip and a biopsy on a mole. Awesome. Oh, and I get to go to the dentist today. My prediction is 7 or more cavities. Ouch!!! Gina, where is your husband when I need him?

Lulu has slept through the night 2x this week...HEAVEN.

Mimi is in a school play as the "letter I." She is so fun and outgoing, my total opposite. I hope she does well. I'll post a pic later.

I went to Walgreens and bought a tube of toothpaste and raisins with my $5 coupon and then they gave me back a coupon for $4.50. Free toothpaste. Go get yourself some and keep the Register Rewards rolling.

Today is our 9 year anniversary. That is why I am doing all of this lovely Dr. stuff. I told Mr. I was going to go to the dentist and the doctor for my present. How romantic.