Tuesday, May 24, 2011

post-baby crack-up

Went to the chiro yesterday and he cracked the heck out of my neck and back. I am having numbness on my right side again, due to a pinched nerve of sorts. Might have to do physical therapy again. Can't wait to feel good and run again. But this little baby boy is worth pain. He actually slept 6 straight hours the other night, not last night. He is a good baby for me anyway.

Made a green smoothie, yum. Breakfast for dinner. Science experiment in the freezer. Due tomorrow. Good thing she told me at 5 this evening. We will be up late tonight.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

6 week-old miracle baby

The sleep fairy has just recently visited our home, providing 3 hour chunks of sleeping. Not bad if we can all sleep at the same time. Pre-sleep, some of us have been zombies. I have caught myself using soap instead of shampoo, throwing diapers into the laundry hamper, clothes going into the trash, putting Lulu's panties in Mimi's drawer--and her wearing them, waking up to phantom crying, putting the babe on the bed and not knowing how he got there, among other odd behaviors. This is all normal, right?

We have been out 3 times in 6 weeks, 2x Costco and 1x to Grandma's house. We ran into a friend at Costco and she said, "It's the mystery baby. Can I see him?"

We celebrated our 11th anniversary last week. We went to dinner and the gym. I actually ran a little and didn't die. Mr. proved that he works hard when he is at the gym. We will have to go again so I can show him what I can do when I am in shape. Always a competition.

Mr. surprised his mother and I with chocolate covered strawberries for mother's day. He ordered and had them overnighted just in time. He really surprised me. He has also been doing the weekend morning baby care. He also does evening bottle feeding so I can do the dishes and stuff. He has been a lot of help this go-round. Pretty great. Now all I have to do is stop nursing and then he can have sleepovers with his son every weekend.

Mimi and Lulu love their brother. They hold him and feed him and try to entertain him. He isn't really smiling yet or playing too much, but we are all loving him anyway.

These 6 weeks have gone quickly. My tiny baby is pretty chunky in the chin region but thin everywhere else. He survived his circumcision. No major accidents or blowouts. Just one clipped too close fingernail. He is still our easiest baby and one handsome fellow.