Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We've got a big one!

So little man is not so little anymore. At one month, he was measuring at the 50th percentile and now he is at 97% for both height and weight. 15 lbs and 25.25 inches. At first I was doubting that he was my baby because he was so small and now it looks like he'll be slamming through sizes of clothing just like his big sis.

He has been sleeping a lot today after getting his shots. It has been kind of nice. Dinner is prepped and the girls are playing.

3 more days of school. I told mimi she could be my babysitter for a dollar an hour. She said she would do it for $3. I thought she would be excited with $1 and I would get the deal of the century. No such luck. But she did say she would clean the house for $1.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

true dat

The truth of mothering a newborn.

The third time around is a lot easier than the first, however the fact that you don't sleep never gets easy.

When your baby naps, you want to nap, but the dishes and laundry need to be done too. Try to give in a couple times a week.

Eating real food instead of candy or crackers makes for a happier mom. Keep the fridge stocked.

When people ask if they can help, try to think of something instead of saying you're doing fine. Make a list. Call those who offer help.

The baby weight will come off eventually. Buy bigger clothes so you can still get dressed. Go to the gym or go for walks. This helps get rid of the crazy version of you that rears it's ugly head at times.

Husbands don't understand, but your girlfriends do. Find some good ones. Or sisters. Or moms.

A dirty house is next to godliness when you have a newborn. It shows you have your priorities straight.

Just when you think you're going to lose it, your baby will sleep or smile and make everything all right. Or your husband will have an epiphany and will pick up some slack. Things get better every week. Be grateful.

Babies grow fast. Take pictures, cuddle, laugh. Share the babe with the other kids and let them love and cuddle too. 3 year-olds make great sitters when you need a shower.

9 weeks today. The next miracle is scheduled to happen at 12. Sleep through the night. Fingers crossed.