Monday, November 28, 2011

october-november in pictures

This is the only smiling picture I have of Luke.
Helping mow the lawn
Father and son
Crawled, pulled up on furniture, started cruising all within a week
Princess Aurora, lizard, and witch
Luke with his dad, his hat, and his princess wand

In other news, I watched a bit of Pocahontas before Thanksgiving. Someone in High School said I reminded them of grandmother willow, we were not friends after that.
I did black friday from 4:30 am-7 am, and I got some good stuff. Next year I am going to have a different strategy. Mr. even got to work on time.
My birthday is coming and that means a sleepover at my mom's. We will play scrabble until I win or at least have a really good word.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hip Hop LULU

Miss Lulu has started taking hip hop dance classes. She had her first one last week and was a little shy, but I think she will have fun. So far she does not look like much of a dancer.

Luke started crawling last week and has moved on to kneeling and pulling himself up on different pieces of furniture. He is 6.5 months old. His dad calls him a daredevil. He still has a cold. Loves to eat. Rode all the way to Othello without crying.

Mimi is working on her multiplication and drawing skills. She is a good artist. I need to get her some sketch books so she can save some of her stuff.

I recovered the dining chairs again. They are more subdued than they were. Now I just need to cover them with plastic and refinish the table. And paint the walls. That's all. Maybe next week.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Noisemakers are for babies

Mr. told me that as I put it on the dresser in our room. I have to say that I must be a baby because it let me sleep a few nights this week. I think the idea is to block out the noise so the baby can sleep, but when the baby is the noise--you have to change positions. I have been holding him until 3 in the morning most nights and then I put him in his crib. It is killing my back and such, so we are letting him cry. The girls haven't complained and I am doing it again tonight. Babe is on his 14th day with a cold. I am on day 7. Luckily, no one else seems too sick.

Next week is the primary program. Lulu is supposed to sing the 4th article of Faith with the sunbeams. She is having trouble with some of the big words, but she knows the tune. Mimi is on behavior modification restrictions. No TV, Wii, or Friends until she changes her tune.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Lulu wants to marry her brother when she gets older. I mean, she's only three, I am sure she will change her mind.

Mimi started 4th grade and has become a mystery. She is keeping her school and home life separate. Some day she will realize that her parents were right most of the time. Right now she thinks we want to make her life miserable. Limiting Wii and TV time. How dare we! Oh, and making her brush her teeth.

Little man is 6 months old. He is 29.5 inches long and 19 lbs 11 oz. He is learning to sleep a little better at night, but he still doesn't nap very well during the day. He likes his food to be shoveled into his mouth as fast as possible. The doctor said he is skinny and then I told him how much he eats. He said, "That's alot. But if he is hungry keep feeding him."

Mr. has been working hard. I have been trying to do some preschool with Lulu and make sure she has friends to play with while Mimi is at school. The other night I felt so blessed as I put the kids to sleep. Raising them is hard, but I sure am grateful for them.

Friday, September 9, 2011

5 months

5 months

5 months

3 months

This baby has thinned out in the last few months. He is the size of a 1 year old--18 lbs and over 27 inches tall. We are busting through to 12 month size pjs. He had his 1st ear infection and didn't sleep unless he was held. Luckily he is over that sickness and is continuing to teethe. He has 2 teeth on the bottom. He is eating some foods. He likes squash and pears the best so far. Definitely not peaches. He just started going up on all 4s and can sit by himself for a little while.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We've got a big one!

So little man is not so little anymore. At one month, he was measuring at the 50th percentile and now he is at 97% for both height and weight. 15 lbs and 25.25 inches. At first I was doubting that he was my baby because he was so small and now it looks like he'll be slamming through sizes of clothing just like his big sis.

He has been sleeping a lot today after getting his shots. It has been kind of nice. Dinner is prepped and the girls are playing.

3 more days of school. I told mimi she could be my babysitter for a dollar an hour. She said she would do it for $3. I thought she would be excited with $1 and I would get the deal of the century. No such luck. But she did say she would clean the house for $1.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

true dat

The truth of mothering a newborn.

The third time around is a lot easier than the first, however the fact that you don't sleep never gets easy.

When your baby naps, you want to nap, but the dishes and laundry need to be done too. Try to give in a couple times a week.

Eating real food instead of candy or crackers makes for a happier mom. Keep the fridge stocked.

When people ask if they can help, try to think of something instead of saying you're doing fine. Make a list. Call those who offer help.

The baby weight will come off eventually. Buy bigger clothes so you can still get dressed. Go to the gym or go for walks. This helps get rid of the crazy version of you that rears it's ugly head at times.

Husbands don't understand, but your girlfriends do. Find some good ones. Or sisters. Or moms.

A dirty house is next to godliness when you have a newborn. It shows you have your priorities straight.

Just when you think you're going to lose it, your baby will sleep or smile and make everything all right. Or your husband will have an epiphany and will pick up some slack. Things get better every week. Be grateful.

Babies grow fast. Take pictures, cuddle, laugh. Share the babe with the other kids and let them love and cuddle too. 3 year-olds make great sitters when you need a shower.

9 weeks today. The next miracle is scheduled to happen at 12. Sleep through the night. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

post-baby crack-up

Went to the chiro yesterday and he cracked the heck out of my neck and back. I am having numbness on my right side again, due to a pinched nerve of sorts. Might have to do physical therapy again. Can't wait to feel good and run again. But this little baby boy is worth pain. He actually slept 6 straight hours the other night, not last night. He is a good baby for me anyway.

Made a green smoothie, yum. Breakfast for dinner. Science experiment in the freezer. Due tomorrow. Good thing she told me at 5 this evening. We will be up late tonight.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

6 week-old miracle baby

The sleep fairy has just recently visited our home, providing 3 hour chunks of sleeping. Not bad if we can all sleep at the same time. Pre-sleep, some of us have been zombies. I have caught myself using soap instead of shampoo, throwing diapers into the laundry hamper, clothes going into the trash, putting Lulu's panties in Mimi's drawer--and her wearing them, waking up to phantom crying, putting the babe on the bed and not knowing how he got there, among other odd behaviors. This is all normal, right?

We have been out 3 times in 6 weeks, 2x Costco and 1x to Grandma's house. We ran into a friend at Costco and she said, "It's the mystery baby. Can I see him?"

We celebrated our 11th anniversary last week. We went to dinner and the gym. I actually ran a little and didn't die. Mr. proved that he works hard when he is at the gym. We will have to go again so I can show him what I can do when I am in shape. Always a competition.

Mr. surprised his mother and I with chocolate covered strawberries for mother's day. He ordered and had them overnighted just in time. He really surprised me. He has also been doing the weekend morning baby care. He also does evening bottle feeding so I can do the dishes and stuff. He has been a lot of help this go-round. Pretty great. Now all I have to do is stop nursing and then he can have sleepovers with his son every weekend.

Mimi and Lulu love their brother. They hold him and feed him and try to entertain him. He isn't really smiling yet or playing too much, but we are all loving him anyway.

These 6 weeks have gone quickly. My tiny baby is pretty chunky in the chin region but thin everywhere else. He survived his circumcision. No major accidents or blowouts. Just one clipped too close fingernail. He is still our easiest baby and one handsome fellow.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lulu the photographer

This is what we do during the day. Hang out in my room and take pictures of each other. She took the one of my eye and then the one of her brother. She improved quickly.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 day and 2 weeks pics

So far, so good. Big sister is sleeping worse than he is. We are having a sleepover everynight. Lulu on the floor and brother in the bed with me. Lulu has ear infections and strep. Might need tubes again or her tonsils out. Mimi has been getting herself up and ready in the morning. Thank heavens.

1 day skinny legs, light hair

2 wks

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March 30, 2011--the short version?

  • I had an appt that morning and told Mr. he should stick around because they would be sending me to the hospital. Wishful thinking. After the ultrasound I knew there was a chance it would really happen because my fluid was really high. They wouldn't want me to be home when my water broke--fear of cord prolapse. I was right. The doctor called Dr. T, who is my regular doctor, and he agreed to induce. Luckily, Dr T was on call at the hospital, so I was basically guaranteed that I would get a bed sometime that afternoon. They told me to run errands for a few hours and return to the hospital. When I checked in, I told them I was a 1 and 50% effaced. Which wasn't true, I was 2 and 70% when I was checked that morning. Nobody checked me to see if I had progressed. They just hooked me to the monitors and left. I made some calls to make sure Mr. and my mom would come and to see if my MIL could watch the girls. They told me there were 2 rooms opening up that needed to be cleaned, but they didn't have a nurse yet. One nurse called in and said she would work as long as she could be off by midnight. I told them it would only be 2 hours after they broke my water. I also told them that I knew a nurse--Kelly Knight and thought that she would come in if she weren't busy. So nurse Aggie was the first nurse. My mom came and then Mr. arrived--after going to the bank and going home to shower. We had to wait until 5:30 for them to start the pitocin. Right after they started the drip, they announced that Kelly would be coming in and taking over. That was the best news. She was fantastic.

  • My contractions were regular from the start and got more intense according to the monitor, but not really painful. The doctor came in an broke my water at 6:18. It actually started hurting within 20 minutes and the contractions were 1.5 min apart. I had them give me the IV bag so I could get an epidural. My plan was to have no pain while I watched American Idol and then have the baby. They gave me the epidural just before 7, Kelly held my had while the other helpers hid their eyes. It kicked in fast this time. I rolled over and tried to rest for a bit. Kelly checked me at 7:25--6 cm. Gave me oxygen to help baby through contractions. Checked again at 8:10--8 cm. Started shaking like crazy and feeling pressure. 8:13 ish--10cm ready to push. Baby born at 8:24. I was watching my mom when I was pushing and she was not looking so good. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the baby. Then I heard the Dr say, "We've got one going down." Mom passed out around the time the head came out. Sorry mom. The cord was around the baby's neck so Dr. T cut the cord himself and suctioned away. It seemed like it took along time for baby to cry. They said he looked "Awesome." Mr. ran to his side as soon as he was born and just stared. It was really cute. I kept shaking while I got stitched up. Mom came to and all was well.

  • Luke Campbell Walker--7 lbs 3 oz, 20 1/2 in.

  • A few hours later, they took baby to NICU because his breathing was labored. They monitored him and Mr. stayed with him until they got an x-ray taken. The nurses watch him in isolation for 3 more hours and said he was fine enough to stay in the room with me. The next night, another nurse wanted to run more of the same tests, got concerned and called the pediatrician to listen for a heart murmur. He said everything was fine. The nurse came in every few hours and at one point, talked to me while I was half asleep and took the baby out of the room. I asked Mr if he knew where they were taking him, but he had been asleep too. He jumped up and ran and got the now crying Luke, gave them a piece of his mind, and came back to bed. The nurses didn't bother us from 1:30 to 6 the next morning and we actually slept.

  • We came home on Friday around 2 pm. He has been such a peaceful baby so far. The only time he has really cried is when his diaper is dirty or he has a burp. I went in for the post partum appt and they had me feed and weigh him. They said he only got 2 ml. So we are nursing and supplementing and glad that some people are a little more sympathetic to those with lower milk supplies. He has to have a CT scan of his chest to see if the cysts are there or not at 6 weeks. We won't be out and about much for 8 weeks because we don't want him to get sick. I feel fine, only taking ibuprofen for swelling. Living on little sleep. Lucky that it is spring break and family is able to play with the girls during the day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

37 weeks--no picture

They scheduled me to be induced on April 4th. I told them I would be hitting the gym to help it along. My due date is the 7th, so they didn't give me much of a headstart. What a bummer, but the Dr. I don't want to see was on before then and I really don't want to see her. So I will take the 4th and hope for a little earlier, but not on the 2nd. Let's see if I can control that.

Last week, I measured 35 weeks and this week I measured 32 weeks, but I have gained 3 lbs. Not sure where it went. The babe appears to be 6lbs 10 oz and long-limbed. They asked again if my husband was tall. They could not get a picture of the cysts. That doesn't mean that they aren't there, but that there was too much stuff in the way to see it. My fluid went up 5 cm in a week, 10 in the last 2 weeks. I guess that is not a big deal. 2 more ultrasounds to go and 2 more Dr. appointments. I still don't feel bad, just tired of this stuff.

We finally got Lulu out of the crib. She helped put her brother's sheet on his bed and we moved her stuffed animals and blankets to her big bed. We've had 2 good nights and one bad. Which means I am getting 4-6 hours of sleep a night. I guess that is good for a pregnant lady.

I was hoping to have the baby this weekend or before 38 weeks. Maybe my water will break in the middle of the baby shower or at church. That would be exciting.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The end, almost

Everything looked good with the babe this week. The new doctor was actually enjoyable to talk to. I didn't even mind the GBS test. He said this cyst is a rare thing and that if it comes to a surgery, hospitals will want us to come to their facility. He recommended getting a few opinions before we do anything. He also said, "Don't be afraid to rattle some cages if necessary." He also said that he would do more research, but from what he knew, it should not be a problem. So good news from another source.

He asked if I wanted a c-section or vaginal delivery. Then he asked if I wanted to be induced or start on my own. He said he would recommend induction at 39 weeks. So, next appt. I will be scheduled. We go to the specialist next week to have the cysts measured. Of course it would be nice if they were nearly gone. I am still feeling fine, hitting the gym, walking without a waddle. Last night I felt flu-ish and I thought maybe something was going on, but it never turned into consistent contractions for an hour.

Lulu has been asking me in the mornings if the baby came yet. I push out my belly and ask her if he came. She just says no and runs off. She is excited right now, hopefully she will be excited when he actually comes.

Still no name.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heaven is...

  • Sleeping all night without having to take a potty break.
  • Taking a Sunday afternoon nap.
  • Serve yourself Chocolate chip/PB M&M cookies for dinner.
  • Seeing a nephew get baptized.
  • Enjoying a baby blessing.
  • Teaching a lesson on Fast Sunday with a built in snack time.
  • Telling people the baby is coming this week (only in my dreams).
  • Going to the gym and sweating.
  • Prayers together at night.
  • Still being able to tie my shoes and shave my legs.
  • Getting to see the babe every week.
  • Seeing that our insurance really is paying a lot of the bills.
  • 3 yr old still saying "Happy Valentine's Day" and blowing kisses.
  • Reading books with the girls.
  • Coloring and painting.
  • Free toothpaste.
  • Cartoons that we can stand to watch all together.
  • 8 o'clock bedtime.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Other news

Mimi finished her swim lessons at TCCC. She is a good swimmer, but still can't do the flip turn or dive in well. We are taking a break this session, but will probably sign her up for the May session. She is working on her multiplication tables at school and reading the rest of her little house on the prairie set. She still takes a 30 minute shower when I tell her to hurry. I think she took a 20 minute one once. She got a 4 inch haircut, but it looks like 6 with her curls. Perfect for the warmer weather we will hopefully start having soon.

Lulu is being bribed to sleep through the night. She gets a handful of change when she is successful. She wants to buy the elephant game with her $. She has been telling me some of her dreams lately. Today she said we were having a party and everyone was at our house. Earlier in the week she said she had a giant pink teddy bear. We might be able to make some of her dreams come true. She has been congested for 3 weeks, but doesn't really act like it is bothering her. She is a champion nose-blower. I think she says mom over a hundred times a day. I have found if I want some peace, I have to let her take a shower with her barbies. One day she took 3 showers. I was really tired that day.

We did our taxes and refinanced the house. This is good timing for all of the new baby expenses.

Mr. got back from Dubai and Kuwait. It took him 4 days to get over his jet lag. He brought back some sand and a stuffed camel for the girls. He is good at getting them fun things from his journeys.

I had an appt yesterday with a different DR. He said my weight looked good and that female sterilization is not painful. Then he gave me a pamphlet and said, "It's the bomb!" Next week I see another DR. I think they might do a cervical check. Nice to meet you.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Same as before with a silver lining

I have been going to APW for my OB care. This week was the 3rd week in a row that I had to wait for more than an hour to see the Dr. I already knew that the baby had scored an 8/8 on the BPP. I was leary about getting weighed and then I had to wait.

The Dr. finally came in and he said, "I know you feel like strangling someone by now, I'm sorry." At least there was some sincerity in his voice. The truth is I was fine waiting. I just felt bad for my friend that was watching Lulu. It was an early morning appointment, so I told her there was no way I would have to wait too long. I was wrong. Then he tapped on the computer for 1o minutes and finally told me that everything looked good and that I was a go to have the baby at anytime. I guess as a "high risk" patient, the babe is allowed to come at 34 weeks. That is the silver lining to my 3 hour doctor visit. I am not expecting it, but that would be exciting to have the baby by mid-march.

I bought some diapers and got some little boy clothes from my sister. I guess we are ready enough for this baby without a name.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another week, another ultrasound

This week, I went to the specialist. They said everything looks good, as good as it can. I got the approval to deliver at Kadlec so long as things stay the same. The cysts have gotten a little smaller again, but not significantly so. He is weighing 4 lbs 8 oz. and looks bigger than he did 4 days ago. I guess that's what happens, but most people don't get to see it from the inside.

I get to wait 4 weeks this time before I go back to the specialist, so that is good. Still have the weekly BPP at the clinic. Last week they said things looked good, but I had to wait an hour for them to tell me that. In fact, things looked so good that the Dr. had to throw in some bad news. She said I was too fat. I have tried to tell people that I have gained a lot of weight, even though my belly and face don't show it yet. She confirmed it and was not so gentle about it--she told me no white bread, no whole milk (I don't eat those regularly anyway), eat whole grains (check), decrease refined sugar (that is true--halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, and v-day), and exercise more. I would gladly exercise more, but 3 weeks ago, they told me to decrease exercise. Then she said if you exercise you need to increase your food intake. What? I am sure she didn't really read my chart. I fought her every suggestion and told her that I was not gluttonous. 27 lbs at 32 weeks is not extreme weight gain. Ask anyone, except this Dr.

Oh, and she said my baby was breech and they would look at turning him at 34-35 weeks. Everything I have ever read says the baby should be turned by 36 weeks and some turn on their own even later than that. She told me that it was more urgent than I thought and that I was lucky my last one turned at 36 weeks. So that was friday and yesterday he had turned head down according to ultrasound. Not sure he will stay there, but this little guy is a real mover. Take that Dr.

Did you know you could text to Dubai and it would go through on a local number? I didn't until I got a message back saying it was a 12 hour time difference, which meant that I beeped him at 3 in the morning. Oops.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping it interesting

My last pregnancy was uneventful. I was hoping for the same, but sometimes things don't go like you think they will. We have been having serial ultrasounds to watch some cysts that are on the babe's lung. It hasn't grown and is expected to shrink or can be removed surgically. I now have to go in weekly for a biophysical profile and every 2 weeks to the OB and every 3 weeks to the specialist. I was wondering why I had been having to refill the gas tank more frequently.

The babe is finally getting chubby--3 lbs +. They are watching his growth pattern as well. Just to make sure he is still getting all the nutrients he needs. I am sure the Drs. are tired of me because, honestly, I am tired of them. We don't feel worried. Just annoyed.

Thanks to all of my wonderful babysitters for taking care of the girls.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Team Meeting

As a mom, I think I felt like I was doing everything for everyone. Which is an exaggeration, but when you do and do and don't get much help yourself, it feels that way sometimes. When we got home from church this week, I asked Mimi to help put away the dishes. She got mad at me and said, "Why should I?" I tried to explain to her that she can learn now to help and then when she is a mom she can teach her kids to help. Then she won't feel like a servant or maid all the time.

Later, I called a team meeting. We talked about what a team was--a group of people doing something together. They try to win. They play football and get a trophy (per Lulu). We decided we can watch 1 show together in the evening. The rest of the time we will draw, play games, read, or bake together. At 8, we do a mess pick-up and then have prayers and go to bed. It has worked great. I feel better and everyone is contributing.

Last night we colored, made cupcakes, and mopped the floor together. We made some messes that led to the mopping. Everyone pitched in and enjoyed the fruits of our labors. This new schedule feels so much better. Now the challenge is keeping it up. Why did this take me so long to figure out?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling it

I have felt pretty good this whole pregnancy. Last time, I remember feeling good until I was 32-34 weeks and then I started moving slowly. I am sad to say that I am feeling it a little early. I have had to nap/pass out several times in the last week. I am just exhausted. Maybe it is because I am over 30 or it could be the lack of sunshine. Or it could be waking up at 2 in the morning and staying awake is not a good plan.

Lulu has been good company. She doesn't let me sleep, but she does let me rest. She had been playing preschool games on the computer or playing with toys on my bed. She asks for something every 10 minutes, but she is pretty patient. We have not done many fun things during the day time, so we went to the children's museum yesterday. She loved it and wants to go back with her dad and her sister.

Ultrasound on Tuesday. Dr on wednesday. We are getting closer and that is exciting, but April seems far away still.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Re-establishing a due date

They did it. A big deal, no. Possible, not really. This baby has been measuring small. Enough so, that they changed the due date without telling me. So I decided to to tell the doctors like it is.

When trying to have a baby, one has to pay attention to a few things and see spouse. With the due date change, we have the miracle of an immaculate conception. You see, I would not know all of these no-later-than dates had there not been a few significant events-- i.e. 10 k race on the 17th of July and a broken collarbone on the same day. Also, a family reunion 2 weeks later. Collarbones do not heal in 2 weeks = no seeing spouse.

I can give them a week. No spring break due date. Foiled again.

Best question an OB can ask: "Are you a control freak?" Many choice words ran through my head, but all I said was, "No." Obviously, we have a close relationship. And I get my way all the time.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pregnancy weight gain

I decided to check out a weight gain calculator for pregnancy. I know this is not an exact science, but it is still disappointing to see that I am 2 lbs overweight for this pregnancy. Not a ton, but I would like to end up weighing less than I did at my last delivery. Why does it matter? I guess it doesn't. The post-baby jiggle is not one of the joys of pregnancy. I have 12 weeks left. I could eat better. I could exercise more. I could sleep less. I could get back to the gym more that 2x a week. I will try to do all of these.

In other news, Mimi had strep. I had the flu. Lulu has slept through the night for a few days in a row. Great! She still won't get out of the crib. She barely fits now.

Grandma H turns 90 today. We had a party for her last night. She is so cute. It was fun to see cousins and let the kids play together.

We have another ultrasound on Monday. We will see how much he has grown this time. Last time his weight was up 50% in 2 weeks. That would mean he could be close to 3 lbs this time.

Mr. says we have a list of 2 names--one means hunter and one means crooked nose. Good choices. I am guessing I will have little say in this decision. Oh, well.