Thursday, December 23, 2010

Her eyes lit up

Lulu turned 3 yesterday. She loved opening her gifts. Her favorite so far has been her purple unicorn pillow pet she received from Gma. She had been asking for one for 6 months and I wasn't going to get her one, but I knew she would love it. She also loves this little bear puzzle she got from her other Gma. I am not sure how she will handle Christmas. She already has enough toys to keep her busy for a while. Maybe we should wait a week to open Christmas stuff.

She requested a pink cake with pink frosting and pink candles. Very simple and it made her smile. Love it. She was so grateful yesterday. It was fun to watch her excitement about the cards and each gift.

I let the girls open their Gma Christmas presents because we won't see her on Christmas. Mimi got a camera and Lulu got a scooter. They have been going around the kitchen on the scooter. I will be teaching Mimi how to use her camera this morning. It is such a grown up gift for my little girl, but she is growing up.

I have to make a few desserts and a last minute run to the mall, then I will be free the rest of the week. I am tired everyday around 5. So I best get moving.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kicked in the Gut

I have had that feeling for a couple months now and now we know why. You know the show, "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant," well, I knew--you didn't. We are due the beginning of April, hopefully by the 10th. I was late with my first and right on time with the second. That gives me a week beyond my due date. So from now on I am going to use the 10th and if it is earlier we'll all rejoice.
I am about 24 weeks and have gained enough weight to be 27 weeks, but look like I'm maybe 18 weeks or just chubby. I am hiding it well you might say. I haven't been pregnant sick, but I have seemed to pick up all colds that pass my way. Trouble sleeping already.

And the best news of's a BOY. Yes, Mr., there is a Santa Claus!