Friday, March 18, 2011

37 weeks--no picture

They scheduled me to be induced on April 4th. I told them I would be hitting the gym to help it along. My due date is the 7th, so they didn't give me much of a headstart. What a bummer, but the Dr. I don't want to see was on before then and I really don't want to see her. So I will take the 4th and hope for a little earlier, but not on the 2nd. Let's see if I can control that.

Last week, I measured 35 weeks and this week I measured 32 weeks, but I have gained 3 lbs. Not sure where it went. The babe appears to be 6lbs 10 oz and long-limbed. They asked again if my husband was tall. They could not get a picture of the cysts. That doesn't mean that they aren't there, but that there was too much stuff in the way to see it. My fluid went up 5 cm in a week, 10 in the last 2 weeks. I guess that is not a big deal. 2 more ultrasounds to go and 2 more Dr. appointments. I still don't feel bad, just tired of this stuff.

We finally got Lulu out of the crib. She helped put her brother's sheet on his bed and we moved her stuffed animals and blankets to her big bed. We've had 2 good nights and one bad. Which means I am getting 4-6 hours of sleep a night. I guess that is good for a pregnant lady.

I was hoping to have the baby this weekend or before 38 weeks. Maybe my water will break in the middle of the baby shower or at church. That would be exciting.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The end, almost

Everything looked good with the babe this week. The new doctor was actually enjoyable to talk to. I didn't even mind the GBS test. He said this cyst is a rare thing and that if it comes to a surgery, hospitals will want us to come to their facility. He recommended getting a few opinions before we do anything. He also said, "Don't be afraid to rattle some cages if necessary." He also said that he would do more research, but from what he knew, it should not be a problem. So good news from another source.

He asked if I wanted a c-section or vaginal delivery. Then he asked if I wanted to be induced or start on my own. He said he would recommend induction at 39 weeks. So, next appt. I will be scheduled. We go to the specialist next week to have the cysts measured. Of course it would be nice if they were nearly gone. I am still feeling fine, hitting the gym, walking without a waddle. Last night I felt flu-ish and I thought maybe something was going on, but it never turned into consistent contractions for an hour.

Lulu has been asking me in the mornings if the baby came yet. I push out my belly and ask her if he came. She just says no and runs off. She is excited right now, hopefully she will be excited when he actually comes.

Still no name.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heaven is...

  • Sleeping all night without having to take a potty break.
  • Taking a Sunday afternoon nap.
  • Serve yourself Chocolate chip/PB M&M cookies for dinner.
  • Seeing a nephew get baptized.
  • Enjoying a baby blessing.
  • Teaching a lesson on Fast Sunday with a built in snack time.
  • Telling people the baby is coming this week (only in my dreams).
  • Going to the gym and sweating.
  • Prayers together at night.
  • Still being able to tie my shoes and shave my legs.
  • Getting to see the babe every week.
  • Seeing that our insurance really is paying a lot of the bills.
  • 3 yr old still saying "Happy Valentine's Day" and blowing kisses.
  • Reading books with the girls.
  • Coloring and painting.
  • Free toothpaste.
  • Cartoons that we can stand to watch all together.
  • 8 o'clock bedtime.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Other news

Mimi finished her swim lessons at TCCC. She is a good swimmer, but still can't do the flip turn or dive in well. We are taking a break this session, but will probably sign her up for the May session. She is working on her multiplication tables at school and reading the rest of her little house on the prairie set. She still takes a 30 minute shower when I tell her to hurry. I think she took a 20 minute one once. She got a 4 inch haircut, but it looks like 6 with her curls. Perfect for the warmer weather we will hopefully start having soon.

Lulu is being bribed to sleep through the night. She gets a handful of change when she is successful. She wants to buy the elephant game with her $. She has been telling me some of her dreams lately. Today she said we were having a party and everyone was at our house. Earlier in the week she said she had a giant pink teddy bear. We might be able to make some of her dreams come true. She has been congested for 3 weeks, but doesn't really act like it is bothering her. She is a champion nose-blower. I think she says mom over a hundred times a day. I have found if I want some peace, I have to let her take a shower with her barbies. One day she took 3 showers. I was really tired that day.

We did our taxes and refinanced the house. This is good timing for all of the new baby expenses.

Mr. got back from Dubai and Kuwait. It took him 4 days to get over his jet lag. He brought back some sand and a stuffed camel for the girls. He is good at getting them fun things from his journeys.

I had an appt yesterday with a different DR. He said my weight looked good and that female sterilization is not painful. Then he gave me a pamphlet and said, "It's the bomb!" Next week I see another DR. I think they might do a cervical check. Nice to meet you.