Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What week is this?

Summer is flying by and I have lost track of what has gone on. The latest news is that Mr. broke his collar bone doing his ATV racing. He is such a daredevil. He is going to the specialist today to see what needs to be done. It is interesting helping him get dressed and things. I couldn't get him to take a day off of work.

I ran a 1ok and finished below my goal time. I think I could go faster, so I am considering the half marathon again. My official time was 56:11. I felt so good running. I guess actually training for a race helps.

Mimi is getting glasses. She is near-sighted. She looks so cute in them. We have to wait a week or two for them to come. She is excited. Swim lessons are going great. She is tearing through the Little House on the Prairie books. She has to read 60 pages if she wants to play on the computer.

Lulu is now doing her poops on the potty. She is wearing panties during the day and a diaper at night. I just don't want to wash sheets everyday. Everytime she goes #2 she yells, "I'm going to Disneyland!" We just might have to do that. Lulu is really strong. She can throw things far and fast. Yesterday, she threw the remote and hit Mimi in the eye. It was so sad. Lulu doesn't know her own strength and she can't aim. Mim has a little bruise, but not a black eye.

We were driving in the car and I was whistling. Lulu didn't like it and yelled, "No fwoo-fwoo." Obviously, I am not a good whistler.

My sister, Em, had a baby boy on Sunday night. They named him Adam Lawrence. He is cute. His hair is dark and thick and a couple inches long. She went to the hospital at 6 and had the baby at 6:48. She is amazing. I got to snuggle with him that evening. My first time doing that with any of her babies. It was neat.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer week 3

This week we stayed with Grandma and Pre-pa a couple nights. They endured Lulu's sleeplessness and even invited her back. We have 1 pull-up at night days and 2 successes with number 2. I pretended I was Mickey Mouse and called her to encourage her to go and she did, but it was because she made the face and I ran her in. Afterwards, we gave high fives and had a little party. She strutted around saying, "Uh-huh, I'm cool, Uh-huh, I'm cool." I'd never heard that one before. It was really cute. Yesterday, I did something in the kitchen and she said, "My mom's cool." This morning, I was upstairs and she yelled that she had pooped. So I ran down the stairs and she was on the potty all by herself and she had done it. Hopefully, this continues and becomes the norm.

Mr. and I ran (jogged), a 5k in Othello. It was his first race. It was nice of him to stay with me. I was not feeling it and he felt great, so I know it was hard for him to go slow with me. I did PR, but it was about a 40 seconds slower than I had hoped. No T-shirt.

Mimi got new tires on her bike. We went to Greenies and got them fixed. They have some cool stuff in that store. I want to rent the kayaks this summer. Maybe next time we do a date night. It has been 2 months.

Next week, Mimi has swim lessons. She is excited to swim again. I finally got Lulu to go in the big pool with me. She kept saying that she couldn't get her ears wet. Once she got in, she didn't want to get out. She swam and pretended she was a mermaid while I held her tummy and shoulders up so her ears wouldn't get wet. We're going to try the Othello pool tomorrow and hope that we don't melt.