Friday, January 29, 2010

Round 2

Yes, I painted it all and it looks fine, but.... It's too light and I think I will have to go a few shades darker. I kept thinking that I had seen this shade of gray/blue before. I found it the gym. No wonder I liked it.

Got 3 more test pots. Notre Dame, Coastal Jetty, and Granite Dust. The Notre Dame said that it is a trend color. I asked the "paint expert" what that meant. Is it popular at this store? According to some designer? Based on national sales? No. It doesn't mean a thing. They just place them up there for fun.

Mr. comes home tomorrow from China. I told him that it was painted and that I was willing to repaint. I think I will repaint and go for a third if he doesn't like it. Which means I will be painting all night.

I asked this strong girl at the gym what she was on. It could have gone badly, but she was actually very friendly. She gave me her phone # and I gave her my email. She looks like an athlete and she has 2 kids. She said that she has a ghetto booty and cottage cheese thighs. It's funny what unites us at the gym.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gray is not grey

I am on another painting mission. This time I am looking for the perfect gray for the dining room. I looked at Lowe's and Home depot and came home with 8 test pots. I have a patchwork wall that looks fabulous and no clue which one to choose. One is brownish, one is blueish, one looks purple around 5 o'clock. Three look white, except when you hold it next to the baseboard. They all have great names--Manhattan mist, gravity, voyage, drizzling mist, pebble gray, silver leaf, polar star, and metropolis. I couldn't pick a color by staring at it on the wall, so I went for the coolest name and picked--gravity.

I got half of it painted, but still need a 2nd coat on the edges. Right now, it looks okay. I thought it had a browner base, but it looks blue. When it warms up, I'll finish and sit in it for a few hours. And then I'll be off to Lowe's for another gallon of another gray. That's just how I do it. Like v. love. I want to love the color when I walk downstairs. It's a hard thing for us non-designers. Last time I think I painted it 3x in 2 days. And then Mr said he didn't like it, so I painted it 2 more times.

I will post pictures tomorrow. Aren't you excited!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Chocolate Egg

This is a TMI story. Continue at your own risk.

Lulu and I were playing in my room the other day and she decided to climb up on my bed. As she was climbing, something fell to the ground. She looked down and this was our conversation.

Lulu: Drop it.
Me: Okay. Get down and get it.
Lulu: Oh, mom! Look, chocolate.

I figured it was some kind of tootsie roll or half chewed chocolate something. She brought it to me and I told her to not eat it because it was dirty. I would have told her to put it in the garbage can, but the last 3 times I had her throw something away, it ended up in the laundry hamper. Anyway, she put it on the dresser and went on her way. Probably 15 minutes later, I went to get a closer look and to throw it away.

I picked it up. It did not look like chocolate. I smelled it. It did not smell like chocolate. It was not chocolate. I took it and flushed it down the toilet and washed my hands. I was grateful that Lulu had not tried to eat it herself. I ran and found Lulu and washed her hands. I laughed and laughed. You wouldn't think so, but it made my day. Always an adventure with little Lulu.

Love for the Mimi

This picture is from Christmas at the W house.

She hasn't been getting a lot of postage lately. Mimi had her"8 is Great"meeting last night. The Primary has done a great job making all of these kids feel so special. We have about 15 baptisms in our ward this year. That means these kids will have a big group of church friends to lean on as they grow up. She is such a good girl. She has her struggles, but all in all she is a sweetheart and always has been.

Mimi has been working hard at school and is looking forward to next year and being in more activities. Hopefully we will get her piano lessons going and pick a sporty thing she would like to do--in addition to swimming lessons. I am excited to have the two girls riding their bikes in the cul-de-sac as it gets warmer. Mimi is such a good helper with her sister. I don't know what I would do without her. She always plays with Lulu after school and gives me a break to do stuff around the house or take a shower. We sure love her.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


You know when you look at certain blogs and guess how old the writers are? I have been so wrong lately. I would have guessed that most of the local bloggers are older than me, but they usually aren't. A lot of them are 30 or younger, with 4 or 5 kids. I am way behind.

I must still be dressing or acting like a college student or a skater. What is a 30 year old mother of 2 supposed to be like? Or maybe I actually do look older than them.

I have to laugh at myself when I harmonize with the music on the radio--my mom did that and it drove me crazy when I was younger. Now, I realize that I am becoming my mother and my father as I sit here and think to myself. Maybe I'll be cool when I'm a grandma.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The InnKeeper

Bet yours didn't look this good.

I'm Stuck

Lulu was playing behind the nightstand in her sister's room this morning and got stuck. I was sitting by her and told her to run and tell Mimi that she was stuck. She said, "Okay!", and ran into the other room. Guess she wasn't really stuck.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New tunes

I have not been listening to music when I run because most of it is a pre-injury running mix. Which means that the songs are pre-March 2009. Monday, I put Lulu on the bed with me and we shopped for new music. If she moved and grooved to the song, I bought it. Now I have a new 30 minute playlist that will keep me going. I have not been able to capture the awesomeness of her dancing on video. I'll have to keep trying before she grows out of this stage.

Mimi is still having trouble catching the bus. I told her that for every missed bus, she will go to bed 15 minutes earlier. She made the bus today after hiding in her room for 10 minutes because she was too cold. She doesn't realize that getting dressed will make her warmer than laying down on top of her covers in a t-shirt. Is 61 degrees really too cold?

Mr. has decided that in order to please the Wii, he needs to drop a few pounds. His solution is to not eat. I am going to make a chocolate cake today, just to test him.

I bought new pillows for the bed and it actually has helped me sleep better. I was thinking that we needed a new bed. I am glad that it only took a $7 fix.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Date night

We went on a double date on Saturday. Dinner on a trash can lid and some bowling. I am not a fan of the restaurant we went to. The food was fine, but not good. It was fun to spend time with another couple and have some conversation. Just so you know, the delicious cornbread muffins are normal sized, but they have over 600 calories each. The server told us before we ate, not after.

I think the Wii bowling threw off my real bowling skills--which are lacking in the first place. I didn't even break 80 the first round. The second round, my score was 116. That was nothing compared to Mr.'s 5 strikes and a couple spares. I think he ended up with a 175." Go Bowl" in Pasco has all you can bowl between 9 and midnight on Thursday nights for $9--if I remember right. Whatever it is, it's cheap. We payed $34 for 8 games and we had free shoes. It seemed like a lot. I guess it's like going to the movies and getting a treat.

Thanks to mom for driving here to watch the kids so we could go out. She's the best. It was fantastic.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brought to you by Jeopardy

A. Falling down the stairs.

Q. What is what happened to me Christmas morning as I ran to catch the expressions on my daughters' faces?

A. 12 bags of candy.

Q. What is how many bags of candy I bought because I had coupons?

A. Crab cakes.

Q. What is the new recipe I tried out on the family for Christmas Eve dinner?

A. A round belly.

Q. What is the profile of Mr.'s Mii on Wii fit?

A. 47

Q. What is my Wii fit age--the first time?

A. 0

Q. What is the number of people who showed up to my New Year's Eve party?

A. Blue's clues

Q. What is Lulu's fave new show?

A. Still up.

Q. What is the Christmas tree?

A. CTR 4

Q. What is my new calling this year?

A. More than I should admit.

Q. What is the # of hours we spent beating the new Super Mario Bros.?

A. You're so embarrassing.

Q. What is what Amy said when we danced around the room after beating the game?

A. You can be silly if you want to.

Q. What is what Mr. told me after watching "500 Days of Summer"?

A. A good time.

Q. What is my description of the past few weeks.