Monday, March 12, 2012


You know when life is just crazy non-stop?  2012 has been the most eventful year of my life.  Grandma got sick on New Year's and passed on a few weeks later.  She was my last living grandparent.  Dad had a heart attack and surgery with a 12 week recovery.  He was so brave.  We were all scared.  My mother went from one illness to another.  No real sleep for weeks.  I tried to help where I could.  These events made me realize what an honor it is to serve our parents.  They give so much and as young children we often just take. We can liken this to obeying our father in heaven.  It is an honor to serve him and the blessings we receive can never be repaid.

Luke has been walking for a week.  He had ear tubes placed last week.  He has a real personality now.  We are all enjoying this little guy.