Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mimi and Lulu 17 months

I have been told that my girls look alike and here are the pictures to compare. The first is Mimi at 17 mo. Then Lulu at 17 mo. Finally we have Mimi at 28 mo. I guess Lulu won the hair war and may have long hair by the time she's 2.3 years. They are definitely sisters.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Do you ever...

...think about trying on your wedding dress just for fun? Today I decided to try on my dress and run in and show my girls. Mimi said, "What are you doing?" Lulu said, "Oooh!!!"

Then Mimi explained to Lulu that she gets to wear the dress first when she gets married and then Lulu can wear it a few years later. 9 years after I wore it, I would not choose that dress again. No tulle for sure!!! I liked it at the time, but there are so many more options these days and people are more willing to break from the norm. I like that. Anyway, I am sure Mimi will change her mind when she gets older.

I have been thinking that I need to add more pictures to this nonsense. However, this post will not be where I start that. Sorry.

P.S. The etching was really easy and it worked on most of the glass. The 30 year old pyrex didn't take, but the newer ones worked well.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Frozen waffles and sprinkler park

This morning at 9:30 am we went to the sprinkler park closest to our house. The water was frigid and the little ladies were not too excited to get wet. An hour later, the heat arrived and they dashed over, under, and through the lovely sprinklers. It is such a simple park, but it provided them with 2 hours of fun. We got a cheeseburger for Lulu and pintos and cheese for Mimi afterward. It was a nice morning which will hopefully translate into a nice evening with hard-sleeping kids.

Sometimes Lulu stands by the freezer drawer and says "Mere" or come here. Then she waits for me to open it up so she can pick a snack. Today, she chose the frozen waffles. I asked her if I could cook them and she said, "No Way!" So she sat on the floor in her diaper and ate a plain, frozen waffle. Delish.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Super Saturday

For some reason, I thought they asked people with given skills and talents to host S.S. classes. Well, it turns out that my reasoning is not correct. They asked me to teach a class on glass etching. Have I ever done it? No. Everything I know about it, I learned when I watched a Cricut infomercial at 2 in the morning. So, today will be the trial day and we will see what happens. First, I have to buy the supplies and choose a design. I think it will be easy, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

What we will do today.

Swim lessons
Primary party

I looked at the sign-up sheets and this class happens to be free. Guess which one had the most people attending? I better get good at this...and fast.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mimi the fish and other animal madness

Mimi is in swim lessons and would swim all day if she could. I am sure this not unusual, but for our little girl who would rather sit and read or watch a show or play on the computer, this is a great thing. She has had two years of lessons and is on level 4. She can swim the length of the pool down and back and tread water when she needs a break. She has so much fun swimming. Mimi finished reading a 4 book "Fudge" series and is moving on to her next set. I need to get her some magic treehouse books and see if she likes those.

Lulu is practicing her animal sounds and prefers to say them rather than the animal's names. She is learning a lot of new words and is starting to say "Please," and "Thank You," more often. She is a good example of being grateful and having good manners in our home.

At 19 months, she can do a lot of things and can follow some complex directions. She uses words and makes up her own signs to help us know what she wants. She is interested in washing her hands whenever she is in the bathroom. She loves to sing her own songs and dance to the music. She is a lovey girl and gives hugs to most people. She likes to watch anything with Mickey Mouse. She loves dogs and cats. She knows to pick the red tomatoes in the garden. She has discovered the sweetness of watermelon. Lulu is such a fun girl, with or without sleep, she keeps her sense of humor and makes us smile.

Mr. is boating and playing softball when he has some free time. He deserves the break and enjoys being active.

I ate my first non-liquid meal today. It didn't hurt at all, so I am on the mend. I got to go to church today too. We had dinner with some friends/cousins. I do love visiting with family and friends. I need to try again to get my house in order and germ free, so we can host more often. We have the space, so I need to do it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Magic Mouthwash"

The look you get from the pharmacy aid when you hand over a prescription for "magic mouthwash" is priceless. She wasn't sure what it meant so she had to call the doctor. Don't you wish you could swish "magic mouthwash"?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The kissing disease

Just a note to everyone who is smarter than I am. If you suspect that your child's sore throat is more than just a run of the mill illness, refrain from kissing, sharing your cup, sharing your dinner, or anything else for a few days.

I am so glad that Lulu is feeling better, but now I've got it and it is miserable. The doctor put me on antibiotics and vicodin. If I don't leave the house or get it cleaned this week, at least I have a reason. I thought the Dr. would tell me it was strep. White patches on the throat and crazy swollen glands and even swollen gums. He said strep is red spots. WebMD begs to differ and if you look up their strep slide show, that is exactly what my throat looks like.

Heath thinks he's getting it too. I told him to eat whatever he wants now because in a week or so he won't be able to eat anything. Yesterday I had a strawberry slush from Sonic and by the end of the the day it was only half gone. I hurt that badly. Today I had ramen noodles and yogurt and water. I am so tired and actually not hungry. Hopefully baby will sleep and I will be well by wednesday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mo' moment

Lulu has yet another ear infection. This time the Doc gave us some ear drops that were supposed to numb the pain. It was quite an ordeal getting her to "let" me put them in here ear. Okay, she didn't let me. I pinned her with my leg across her chest, holding her arms and body still. She screammed bloody murder and after the first ear was done, she rolled over and tapped her other ear and said,"Mo'."

She is back to her silly, wild self. She has 4 incisors coming in and her gums are very swollen, so I have to apply the same hold technique to swab orajel on her teeth. She has yet to ask for more of that stuff.

Mimi is at Grandma's again. Lulu keeps asking for her.

I went to the chiro. I feel better, but time will tell if I am fixed. I go back on monday and will exercise while I feel less pained.

I have been homebound for a week now. It is not bad, but I missed the sale at the mall I wanted to go to. I guess that means I saved some money. I have not been grocery shopping like normal. Instead, I have been on a mission to find something that Lulu will eat. Today it was potato rolls and natural cheetos. Really healthy, I know. She won't eat apple sauce or bananas, but she'll chomp a cheeto. Strange girl.

Be happy.