Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping it interesting

My last pregnancy was uneventful. I was hoping for the same, but sometimes things don't go like you think they will. We have been having serial ultrasounds to watch some cysts that are on the babe's lung. It hasn't grown and is expected to shrink or can be removed surgically. I now have to go in weekly for a biophysical profile and every 2 weeks to the OB and every 3 weeks to the specialist. I was wondering why I had been having to refill the gas tank more frequently.

The babe is finally getting chubby--3 lbs +. They are watching his growth pattern as well. Just to make sure he is still getting all the nutrients he needs. I am sure the Drs. are tired of me because, honestly, I am tired of them. We don't feel worried. Just annoyed.

Thanks to all of my wonderful babysitters for taking care of the girls.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Team Meeting

As a mom, I think I felt like I was doing everything for everyone. Which is an exaggeration, but when you do and do and don't get much help yourself, it feels that way sometimes. When we got home from church this week, I asked Mimi to help put away the dishes. She got mad at me and said, "Why should I?" I tried to explain to her that she can learn now to help and then when she is a mom she can teach her kids to help. Then she won't feel like a servant or maid all the time.

Later, I called a team meeting. We talked about what a team was--a group of people doing something together. They try to win. They play football and get a trophy (per Lulu). We decided we can watch 1 show together in the evening. The rest of the time we will draw, play games, read, or bake together. At 8, we do a mess pick-up and then have prayers and go to bed. It has worked great. I feel better and everyone is contributing.

Last night we colored, made cupcakes, and mopped the floor together. We made some messes that led to the mopping. Everyone pitched in and enjoyed the fruits of our labors. This new schedule feels so much better. Now the challenge is keeping it up. Why did this take me so long to figure out?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling it

I have felt pretty good this whole pregnancy. Last time, I remember feeling good until I was 32-34 weeks and then I started moving slowly. I am sad to say that I am feeling it a little early. I have had to nap/pass out several times in the last week. I am just exhausted. Maybe it is because I am over 30 or it could be the lack of sunshine. Or it could be waking up at 2 in the morning and staying awake is not a good plan.

Lulu has been good company. She doesn't let me sleep, but she does let me rest. She had been playing preschool games on the computer or playing with toys on my bed. She asks for something every 10 minutes, but she is pretty patient. We have not done many fun things during the day time, so we went to the children's museum yesterday. She loved it and wants to go back with her dad and her sister.

Ultrasound on Tuesday. Dr on wednesday. We are getting closer and that is exciting, but April seems far away still.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Re-establishing a due date

They did it. A big deal, no. Possible, not really. This baby has been measuring small. Enough so, that they changed the due date without telling me. So I decided to to tell the doctors like it is.

When trying to have a baby, one has to pay attention to a few things and see spouse. With the due date change, we have the miracle of an immaculate conception. You see, I would not know all of these no-later-than dates had there not been a few significant events-- i.e. 10 k race on the 17th of July and a broken collarbone on the same day. Also, a family reunion 2 weeks later. Collarbones do not heal in 2 weeks = no seeing spouse.

I can give them a week. No spring break due date. Foiled again.

Best question an OB can ask: "Are you a control freak?" Many choice words ran through my head, but all I said was, "No." Obviously, we have a close relationship. And I get my way all the time.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pregnancy weight gain

I decided to check out a weight gain calculator for pregnancy. I know this is not an exact science, but it is still disappointing to see that I am 2 lbs overweight for this pregnancy. Not a ton, but I would like to end up weighing less than I did at my last delivery. Why does it matter? I guess it doesn't. The post-baby jiggle is not one of the joys of pregnancy. I have 12 weeks left. I could eat better. I could exercise more. I could sleep less. I could get back to the gym more that 2x a week. I will try to do all of these.

In other news, Mimi had strep. I had the flu. Lulu has slept through the night for a few days in a row. Great! She still won't get out of the crib. She barely fits now.

Grandma H turns 90 today. We had a party for her last night. She is so cute. It was fun to see cousins and let the kids play together.

We have another ultrasound on Monday. We will see how much he has grown this time. Last time his weight was up 50% in 2 weeks. That would mean he could be close to 3 lbs this time.

Mr. says we have a list of 2 names--one means hunter and one means crooked nose. Good choices. I am guessing I will have little say in this decision. Oh, well.