Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures of the girls

Bits of inspiration

I have noticed lately that I have had ideas put it in my head and sometimes I do them and sometimes I don't. When I don't do them I realize later that if I had done the thing when the thought came, something good would have happened.

Today it happened again. I chose to vacuum. Then while I was vacumming, I noticed some spots on the carpet that have been there for 2 months. Instead of ignoring them, I went to the sink and got the spot treatment (Nylac). I found a little surprise under the sink--a FLOOD. The tap had leaked all over. It took one big towel and 2 hand towels to dry it up. What a mess. I had 3 packages of un-opened magic erasers that soaked up some of the water. So, had I not chosen to clean those spots, I never would have found the flood. And the spots came up without much effort. I fixed the faucet, I think, and the mess is taken care of. Hopefully the water wasn't sitting there long enough to cause any wood damage.

It is great that Heavenly Father cares about such little things and gives inspiration to help us out with tasks that are seemingly unimportant. I will have to listen to that little voice more often.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun

The pool has been filled 3x so far this month and I think it might actually be the last time. Our pool is a 12x36 circular pop-up type pool. Our patio space is not quite the perfect size for it, but it works. Lulu had fear at first, but by the end of the hour she was swimming with water wings. She is 18 months and she had it down--arms out and legs kicking with no help except for watching her sister. She was amazing. Lulu is way more physically skilled at this age than Mimi was. She is just a ball of energy and we love it. I love these sisters when they play hide and seek and giggle and scream. Some people may not like the noise, but it makes my heart smile.

I love my girls.

Oh! I got 3 gallons of milk for $0.50 today. And it wasn't expired. If you want some, head for albertson's and look for the General mills deal.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just DO it

So I have been injured for a while now and I am not back to running form. I have decided that moving is important even if I can't soak my shirt with sweat. Dancing with Lulu is fun movement for both of us. Mimi likes to run circles inside the house, I could speed walk and chase her. I can take the stairs several times a day in my home. I can mop the floor and pick the garden. I can fold laundry and actually put it all away. I can give the baby airplane rides.
I can do lots of things.

I can no longer easily curl 25 's with each arm, but I can still do 15's. I can pick up my baby and snuggle. I can use her weight to bench press. I can pour milk for my kids. I can wash my hair and dry it with ease. I can do lots of things.

I still can't do push-ups. I can do sit-ups and plank poses. I can do jumping jacks. I can lift my knees and arms. I can do lots of things.

We had a discussion on Sat with my father. I kind of started it all. But we ended up with being grateful, pray, have hope, and love unconditionally. It is good to recognize weaknesses. We need to work to improve them rather than dwell on the " I can't." I enjoy talks with my family. They always seem to become a mini-sermon that is needed, not just on Sunday.

Mimi is coming home today. Lulu keeps saying, "Mimi, w'are you?" She loves her Mimi.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Notice that there is no break. I had thought that we would lounge around the house for a few weeks, but that has not happened. We had kids to watch, kids to play, sprinklers to run through, pools to swim in, activities to attend, Father's day to prepare for, 2 families to visit, 6 cousins to play with, neighbors to walk with, neighbors to visit, bills to pay, books to read, and a few trips to the grocery store. I picked blueberries (abt 2 c.) out of our garden. Insert other everyday tasks. That was my week.

We did stay put most of the day on thursday, but that was so I could catch up on laundry and other things that needed to be done. Summer break it is and it is not. We only have a few things scheduled for the summer, but I am sure we will find a way to fill the time. Mimi is at Grandma's for a few days.

Today was kind of just like every other day, but it was Father's day. I tried to make the kids do things for their dad. Mimi picked a cake to be dad's present and she made him a poem. Lulu gave him a hug and a kiss. That was our festive father's day. We did do dinner with my family Saturday and his family today. I guess that counts.

Father's are special people. They add so much love to our homes. Daddy in our house is Lulu's favorite. She gets so excited when he comes home--imagine a fan fainting at the sight of their hero. We love our DADs.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, I have debating whether or not to talk about anything serious on this blog, but it is part of me and thoughts that have been racing through my mind for the last month or so.

We have a family friend who lost their baby after weeks of surgery and life support. She was only 48 days old and she was sedated most of those days. I had such sadness when I heard the news. I felt even more sadness as I read the mother's account of her loss. It made my body quake uncontrollably. I am sure these feelings are very similar to how my parents felt after their first baby died a few days after birth.

I have not experienced that loss personally, but I have felt so much love for me and for my friends from our Heavenly Father. I was told my baby was dead when I was about 7 months along. She was not dead, but I had to drive across town by myself praying that they would find a heartbeat. I have no doubt that Heavenly Father's plan is perfect for each of us. Our lives are not painless and our experiences are for our gain and can make us more compassionate. . All of our joys and sorrows and pain are known. We are not alone.

I am more grateful for my family, for my children, for my husband. I am truly blessed and I think I have a tendency to wish things were better rather than being happy with what I have. I have a baby who wakes up almost everynight. I am grateful for this because she used to wake up every night 3x or more. I am grateful that my husband has a job he likes. I am grateful to stay home with my kids. I can be a maid or I can be a mother. I need to choose to be a mother who also happens to clean the house.

So, this is a reminder for me to have a better attitude because life is good. There are more things to celebrate and be grateful for. Heath used to sign all of his mission letters, "Look on the bright side." I am not sure where he got that from, but that is a good motto for me.

Friday, June 5, 2009

6 girls in a tub

A tub of popcorn is more than enough to make 6 little girls thirsty. Water at $2.75 per bottle is a great deal when you see the smile on the Birthday Girl's face. "This was the best birthday ever!" The movie in 3-D was "awesome." My timing was a little of with the whole party deal, but I am almost sure the girls didn't mind. They have so much energy, I wish I could bottle that.

We ordered a keyboard for Mimi and it actually got here before her birthday. I loved the expression on her face. She was so thrilled. "This is what I always wanted."

We had cupcakes instead of cake and they were from Yoke's. I am sorry, but those cupcakes are good. I know they probably don't compare to specialty cupcakes, but grocery store--they are delish.

She was exhausted at the end of her big day, but this morning I caught her with her headphones on rocking out with her keyboard. Makes me smile.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lulu bites the dust

Little Lulu is at the stage where she falls all of the time. She climbs on things she shouldn't and eventually she falls. Last night she fell off a mattress onto the tile, (not too far) and today she tried to carry her stroller up the stairs and fell down 2 steps onto the tile. She has bumps and bruises in several locations. Mimi had a stage of running into tabletops and counters, Lulu is probably heading toward that one.

Mimi will turn 7 on Thursday. We are taking some girlfriends to the movies. Hopefully they will have a good time. There are several birthdays in her class in the next week. That means cupcakes and treats galore. I am not wanting to take any to school, but I am afraid that she'll be sad. What should I do? I really don't want to put to much effort into anything and treats have to be store-bought, so that is easy. I just don't think they need a treat everyday for the next 10 days.

I have been walking a little at night and going to the gym a couple times a week in the morning. Today, I actually pushed myself and I felt fine. My hand and arm--below the elbow--are hurting. I may have to stop using the computer to find coupons for a while. That is when I point and click the most. I don't think that caused my injury, but it irritates it for sure.

Mr Man has been working 12+ hour days. He is tired, but will play softball tonight. I am glad he has some fun things to do. I need to find more fun.

My favorite thing this week is watching Lulu dance, She is a shaker for sure. On sunday, she grabbed a barbie and held her hands tight while she spinned around. After a few rotations she got dizzy and staggered across the living room nearly falling down, but she caught herself. She kept doing it over and over again and laughing. She is super funny.

Nicknames for Lulu--googer, scooter boots, sooter, moomoo, HayHay, Halo, Hula, etc.