Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Jeans

I have jeans that tend to show my backside because they are too large. I have been waiting to buy any new ones until I feel like I have reached a more solid (less flabby) state. Last night Mr. offered to watch the kids and sent me to the mall. He is getting tired of me pulling my pants up. GAP jeans are my jeans of choice. I grabbed one size and they had room, so I grabbed another size and they fit. I don't know if their sizing changed because they went to waist measurements, but I actually bought a single digit. I might just go to a cute store and try stuff on.

So after I try on some more jeans, I am headed to cinnabon. Give me a break--there's a $3 off coupon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Semi-productive day

  1. Mimi on bus.

  2. Went to gym.-- 5 miles and shoulders

  3. Looked for more princess nightgowns for Lulu.---got 2

  4. Played at a park.

  5. Bought more black bootcut leggings for Lulu.--because hers were "broken" (had a hole)

  6. Hit Costco for under $60.--when I got home I realized there was "nothing to eat"

  7. No nap for Lulu.

  8. Bikes in the cul-de-sac.

  9. Visit the neighbor.--left garage open

  10. Headed home and saw that the doors were closed and locked.--no keys or phone

  11. Went back to Luke's and played for an hour.

  12. Mr. let us in at 6 pm.

  13. Chicken and broccoli for me, tacos for Mr., waffles for the girls.

  14. Almost booked a Hawaiian vacation.--couldn't stand to spend that much money

  15. Huge sigh of relief.

  16. Now looking at Vegas or SLC.

    ***cutting a wiggly 2 year-old's bangs with dull scissors leads to shorter bangs than you really wanted.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday, I only moved from my bed to change diapers and check on Lulu when I heard her pushing a chair over to the kitchen. She watched shows and played by herself the whole day. I even watched me some QVC when there was nothing on.

I had some pop on the nightstand and she would sneak over and take a swig when she thought I wasn't watching. Mr. took the girls to Grandma's this morning so I could rest. And so I am blogging this lovely post and watching "A Star is Born."

This is the current dining room color. Drizzling mist.
Fun for tonight--taxes. It will be fun if we get a return.
I ran 3 times this week--3 miles, 7.3 miles, and 2 miles. I think I was getting sick on the 2 mile day. I had no energy at all.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shaun White


My hair gets to the point that it has to be straightened or I don't like it. That doesn't mean that I always straighten it, it means that I often don't like my hair.
Last night as we were watching the Olympics, I realized that Shaun White and I have something in common. No, I am not a champion snowboarder. We both have wild manes of hair. His hair is longer than mine, but I am working on it. This picture is quite representative of my hair circa 1992. I guess it could be worse.
Shaun killed it last night.
---as I look at this picture, we also have a similar face shape. He might be my long lost brother.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Date Night Again

Thanks to our friends, we had another great hockey date night. Dinner at Carl's Jr. via the drive-thru and spent time visiting with friends and cousins I hadn't seen in a while.

Just to clarify, I support Mr. in his outdoor activities, I just want to know. I was just disappointed that my efforts were in vain.

Mr. cooked up some steak and baked potatoes for Valentine's. We ate shrimp cocktail the night before. We all made sugar cookies together and now they are all gone. On to the next holiday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poor Guy!

Sometimes I feel bad for my husband. He told me that he had a lot of orders to fill this week and they keep having to fix a machine. So, I decided that I would make an extra effort to have a real dinner and food he would like ready to go when he got home.

Today, I had things I needed to do and wanted to do, but I made sure I got dinner ready and skipped out on some wants. I noticed that his work boots were in the garage, but I just thought he had worn different shoes today. He got home is his sweat gear, aka underclothing for snowmobiling. Here I am feeling so bad for him and hoping that things were going well at work and he wasn't there. He smiled at me and said, "What?" I never get to do that, just leave all day, no kids, all fun, Miner's on the way home. He won't want dinner because he is stuffed already. He didn't even whisper the possibility of going today.

The principal was nice and just wanted to see if there was anything that was causing Mimi to be late. We discussed a few things and Mimi agreed to make it on time from now on.

Done painting.

Monday--7 miles, 67 minutes
Tuesday--3 miles, 28 minutes, 20 minutes weights

Monday, February 8, 2010

Up all night

The bad thing about running in the evening is that it keeps me awake late. It gets worse when your 2 year old wakes up 6 times between 10 pm and 6 am. The poor girl didn't get her nap because Mr. and I wanted to go on a date. So we were both exhausted on Sunday, but she made it through. Mr. kindly took Lulu home early from church so she could get her nap. And she slept all night, too.

Lulu has a 4 month post-op visit this week. Hopefully the tubes are still there. She hasn't had any ear infections since. So we are grateful for that. Mimi has not missed the bus in a week. She said that she hopes the meeting goes okay. She doesn't want me to get in trouble. I took Mimi to get a haircut. It looks great and is so much easier to comb.

We went to the driving range for our date. I cannot hit the ball very well. I got blisters within the first 10 balls and then one broke open so I had to quit. Mr. is pretty good--he told me so. We also went looking at a few model homes. I would move if someone wanted to buy my house. We would like to live out in the country a little bit closer to work. It would be hard to beat the neighbors we have here.

Running: 3.32 miles 32 minutes. This was my post-golf run on Sat night.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Run like the wind--the giveaway

I am attempting to run faster and farther these days. My plan is to post my workouts so all of you will want to join me in a race some time this year. As you see my slow speed, you will want to run with me because you will win. At least that is why my husband wants to run with me.

As a gift to you from me, I will pay your entrance fee. Let me know what race you want to run in WA state and I will do it with you. No triathlons. Only foot races. Limit 3 winners. Leave a comment and I will choose 3 out of a hat. If there is only 1 comment, you will have to run 3 races with me. Lucky you. (you can find local races on

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Principal's Office

This is supposed to be a great occasion. A great post. A monumental achievement. Have a giveaway. 100 posts.

Life happens.

I got a call from the school asking me to visit with the principal. I asked what it was about, but I knew. Mimi is so slow in the morning. She rarely makes the bus and is late even when I take her to school. I get Lulu changed and then I go down and say we have to leave in 5 minutes and she is almost never ready. I even set the clocks ahead so she won't be late. Either she doesn't care or I haven't been serious enough when I talk with her and follow her around saying hurry up.

Her alarm goes off at 7:05. She doesn't always get up right away, so I go check on her. Tell her to take a shower (cannot shower in less than 25 minutes) or to get dressed. Watch her dress (if I don't watch her, she crawls back in bed), tell her to hurry up, brush her hair (she cries), set the timer to eat breakfast, tell her to brush her teeth, put on shoes, grab coat. After I tell her to eat her breakfast I go up and get Lulu, she sometimes will color or do something else that has nothing to do with getting ready. I get downstairs and it is time to go, but she hasn't eaten. I have sent her to school without breakfast, but I always feel bad.

All of this has been such a headache and I feel like she needs to take the initiative and go faster, but she only has one speed. Mr. says it's my fault. The only thing I haven't tried is kicking her out the door in her PJs. I guess that is the answer. When it's time to go, it's time to go no matter what. She made it on the bus this morning, with 5 minutes to spare. I still have to go see the principal and I don't want to.

Happy 100 posts!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Round 2--gallon of paint / heart cakes

Mr. came home and didn't like the light gray. Which I already knew. I put up a dark color and he liked it. The truth is that drizzling mist was my first choice, but I thought it was too dark. It looks great wet and then it dries a little darker. I have to do the edges and a 2nd coat. So,this is the final color. I will not paint again until he goes on another business trip.

Car carts at the grocery store and hardware store are great fun. When there isn't one available, Lulu has a hard time dealing with it. She cried and cried when we couldn't find one at Lowe's. Luckily, we found the fire truck cart at Albertson's. I actually did some coupon shopping yesterday. I will definitely be under budget this week. Super bowl food will be pushed to next week's budget. I can do it. I will save some $$$ on my groceries.

Mr. still has jet lag. He couldn't sleep last night. I was sleeping soundly and woke up because of some noise downstairs. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Then I woke up again. I looked downstairs to see what was going on. He was watching a show and trying to hold in his laughs. You know, a muffled machine gun laugh. It travels pretty well when the house is nearly silent. At first I was mad and put a pillow over my head. I finally got smart and closed the door so I could sleep.

I made the girls heart cakes to decorate. They both did a good job. Lulu liked the frosting, but not the combination of cake and frosting. It's a lot less time consuming to make a cake rather than making dozens of sugar cookies, but we might end up making those too.