Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Latest "artwork"

I saw this pattern on a blog's background and decided to copy it. Thanks to a cup and a measuring tape, it came out semi-even. I painted the pattern all brown, let it dry, and went over it a gain with a blue color. This canvas was no longer white because I had repainted it several times. It would have been way easier to have started with a new canvas.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cheap tickets, wrong dates

Allegiant air is having a sale the entire month of September. Too bad I want to go in November. Patience. Luckily, a couple of my sisters-in-law will be able to fly to L.A. for some fun.

Swim lessons are over and she passed. She was so excited. We went swimming at Memorial Pool to give her some extra practice time. She still does a head-first cannonball dive, but she does a beautiful breaststroke.

Time to get back to running. 6 weeks to the half marathon. I hope I can get my miles in, so it is easier. This is supposedly a family affair, so I do expect to see a few of you there. Not that we have to run together, but I'll buy breakfast afterwards.

We played all week last week and had a great time with friends and cousins. Then, Friday came. Friday the 13th. Mimi fell out of a car and hurt her wrist along with a few scratches on her face. A pivot tipped over on the farm. Sunday, Lulu fell in the family room and hurt her wrist. Now there are 3 left arm injuries in the house. Mr. says I better be careful.

We still need to do some clothes shopping for school, but I think we are all ready for it to start again. Time to go to bed a little earlier and ease back into a schedule. I will miss not having to use an alarm. That was the best thing this summer. I didn't always get to sleep in, but I only set the alarm 4 times all summer.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shopping Adventure

We left at 6 am and got home at almost midnight. The sisters-in-law and I loaded up in the Tahoe and headed to Seattle. We hit Ikea--after 2 hours of shopping we had lunch in the cafeteria. The car was loaded with all of our purchases, including my giant mirror that Jo kindly sat under the whole trip. Went to South Center Mall. Took some pictures of the girls with their pink balloons. C did a shopping cheer and we were off. The girls did well, I got some spanx. We all had Jamba Juice. W did an awesome dance. We stopped at North Bend on the way home. Didn't find anything until I went to Bass and bought a couple hoodies. Could have bought a ton of stuff at the kid stores, but I controlled myself. Arby's for dinner. We made 5 orders through the drive-thru. Ju was in the very back seat and the cashier said, "You've even got one in the trunk." Yes, we were packed in there. Luckily, the 2 oldest got the front seat. Age before beauty. The baby came along too. He was so good the whole time. It was amazing.

Thanks to the fathers and grandmother who made this trip possible. Thanks for the conversation and the treats. Next year, we'll have to go on a trip to Utah and visit Jo or we could always head for the L.A..

Monday, August 2, 2010

What's the answer?

Sometimes we have deep conversations at my childhood home. My father asked me what I do all day and figured that I am under-utilized. He asked if I had any causes. Well, I told him my cause was to inspire people to run and lift weights. That's not a cause I guess, but I do think a lot of mothers would feel better and actually enjoy it if they tried. He mentioned something about joining the Tea Party. What do I do all day?

Today: BY 2PM
Cleaned a couple dirty bums
Ran 5 miles, lifted
Grocery shopping
Picked and watered garden
Math with Mimi
Draw with Lulu

More laundry
Naps--fold laundry

What should my cause be?