Friday, September 10, 2010


"Mickey Mouse is strong like me."

Frantically looking for a toy (at least that's what I thought), "I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!! WHERE IS IT? [Pauses and looks at me] Where is my sausage?"

In crib this morning, "Mom, let me out! I gotta do poops!"

She's been saying prayers on her own and always remembers to bless her neighbor friend, Jenna, and the cousins she has seen that day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Room switch

We moved Lulu to the room opposite ours so we won't hear her noises all night. When she was little I wanted to hear her noises so I could help her, now I just want to sleep. I have to get some curtains for her room because she keeps waking up at 6:15. I would like her to sleep until 6:45 at least. I have tried to convince her that the big bed is where it's at, but she is still in love with her crib.

She woke up dry this morning, but I left her in her diaper while I helped her sister. So, now I am enjoying a lingering dirty diaper smell that will be in my room for a few hours.

I am liking our quiet days at home, but Lulu is missing her sister. Good thing we have neighbors and cousins around to play with. Lulu keeps trying to convince me that she is "really tall" so she can go to school with Mimi.

Mimi and I went on a walk last night around the block. We might have to do that every night. It seems like after homework, she just wants to watch TV. She does have a long day at school and I am okay with a few shows, especially the ones she watches with her dad--Swamp People, Pawn Stars, and Swords. Awesome.

She has decided that she likes school for now. And she wants to be in Art Club. Which means she will give up her recess once a week to help paint backdrops for plays and assemblies.

Mr. is in the middle of 2nd cutting and having visitors from Japan at work. He is busy and tired and doing the work of 2 men. He is a good employee for sure.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mad at Wal-Mart

I got out of the store and the car next to me parked 4 inches away from my car. There was no way for me to get into the car on the driver's side. At first, I really was angry and wondered if I should wait to tell the person that they shouldn't park so close. Then I was glad that it was on my side and not Lulu's. Then I was grateful that I could climb in the passenger side and into my own seat without too much trouble. It was not a big deal. It is too bad that I wasted 2-3 minutes fuming.